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Oct 26

Acceptable Judgment

Ponder that for a moment, maybe longer. Judging comes in many levels: self-judgment, judging others, being judged, “constructive judging,” and good ‘ole, “not judging.” We judge ourselves and others by age, gender,  job, homes,  cars, how they dress, speak, and what we feel is appropriate behavior. For one hour, attempt to not judge at all. …

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Jun 21

My Pet Peeves

Is “petting your peeves” distracting you? A humorous reflection of these “ego pets” by Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator Sandi Newton…

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Apr 12

Twelve sides to play with. Cut, tape, draw…

Letting go of the boxes seems like such a wonderful mantra these days, but if you are a packrat like me then you might be thinking “I can use this later”. Why toss out the baby with the bathwater, right? The stuff we learn and unlearn on a daily basis isn’t simply boxes though. Defining something as “limiting” is another box in its own right. Beliefs can be limiting when one’s perspective is narrow, and that is where the “box” actually comes in. When someone decides to believe that all ideas are boxes, this belief is a box. Think about it as trying to keep such an open mind that your brain (discernment) accidentally fell out.

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Feb 21

What are your reflectors?

Do you hold fear, insecurity, the feeling of not being good enough in you?

Find the reflectors that are holding you back, that are not working for you and work through them. Ask yourself, what reflectors am I wearing? What is reflecting back to me?

If you are angry or sad about something, or have negative emotions toward someone, you are in a low energy pattern. It will continue until you work through it and change it. Try to look at your issues and relationships as reflectors you are wearing. What does it reflect to you? What shows up in your life that annoys you? You are holding an aspect in some shape or form of the issue or person you judge and feel angry or sad about. Your inner voice always knows; you just have to be quiet enough to listen to it.

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Jan 08

Shadow Work 2: Shame Exposé

A spiritual journey in considering and looking at research and personal experiences around shame as a major factor for energetic clearing.

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