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Choose Connection



I have no companion but Love, no beginning, no end, no dawn. The Soul calls from within me: “You, ignorant of the way of Love, set Me free.”  ~ Rumi


She looked and looked
She ran to and fro
She paused
She stopped
She retreated
She wailed and laughed
She looked and looked into the reflections
…. and then she breathed.

It was the breath of knowing;
The breath of trust;
The breath of life.

She accepted the reflection of …

the friends
the lovers
the postman
the sales clerks
the haters
the ones she thought she hated
the mother
the father
the sister
the brother
the children
the teachers
the students
the ones who left
the bosses
the co-workers
the customer service reps
the ones who said “no”
the drivers
the neighbors
the nay-sayers
the cheerleaders
the self.

It was then she found the home she had been looking for, praying for, asking for ….
The one her Soul longed for
…. herself.
It was then that the love affair began.


Aug15_100_5386_Laurel_Blog3“Everything we do is in service of our needs. When this one concept is applied to our view of others, we’ll see that we have no real enemies, that what others do to us is the best possible thing they know to do to get their needs met.” ~ Marshall Rosenberg


Choose connection and living with bliss.













Laurel Ley
Trinity Practitioner/Facilitator