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A Day of Seeing it DONE

Creating what you want in the day-to-day goes by many names, a few are manifesting, law of attraction, and my favorite, end point creation.  This name says it all.  Create what your intended final outcome is and leave the details to the universe. After all, who cares how it happens, just that it happens?!

Knowing how this works, I learned, is a far cry from actually doing it.  I decided to dedicate one day to creating by seeing things done.  And what I found was there is so much more creating going on than I ever imagined and I was so focused on the process of doing something that I never really put my attention on what I wanted done.

My day started with a reminder that I needed to write this blog. I had begun writing on a variety of unsatisfactory subjects but today my answer was, yes I will get it written by seeing it done! I followed that up with the simple task of feeding the dogs. I put down the two bowls and immediately began the thought process of how to get my picky dog, Charlie, to actually eat his food without coaxing or the other dog eating it first.  It was automatic. I stopped and decided to simply see it done. Charlie has eaten his breakfast. And I left it alone. I returned to the room to find two dogs licking empty, respective bowls.  Next, I trusted that a full, heavy and open can of paint could be lifted easily and neatly by seeing it sitting on a counter without any spills or painful lifting. I am not saying I had to take no action to move the paint can, but I trusted that I could do it with little effort on my part instead of bracing for the weight and paying close attention to not spilling. It was almost effortless.

Today’s biggest celebration was seeing my daughter’s college account ready for registration. My fears kept wanting to creep in and create worry about the process of how to get it accomplished in time for her to register and attend classes this fall. I focused daily on just seeing it done. The screens will display “no holds”. Everyone is happy to make this their priority too. The steps I needed to take would be clearly explained and easy to follow. And today was that day where everything flowed and fell into place. It is done. Everything is done as I pictured it. It was so much easier and more pleasant to focus on what I wanted instead of my fears and the attempt to control the process.

It’s funny how I had reserved my end point creation for big creations, like trips or money or safe travels. And allowed my days to be stuffed with creations left up to cumbersome processes and habits. Needless to say, I created an awesome day by seeing things done.







Sarah Avignone
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Law of Attraction in Action

I wrote a personal blog entry some time ago titled “I Believe”. In that particular piece I was sharing my feelings and thoughts on the things that I believe make life extraordinary. I felt compelled to write it because I had been reflecting on how very special specific experiences can be, especially those involving other people. One of the lines I wrote was “I believe in holding hands, giving hugs, and soft, sweet butterfly kisses.” What made this so interesting is that a few days after I had written that, I had the following experience.

A colleague and dear friend of mine stopped by my work place to say hello. As I was walking down the hallway back to my office I hear this familiar voice yelling “Tam-may”. I instantly recognized the sound of her voice and quickly turned to see my friend smiling and glowing as if she’d just won the lottery. There she is, arms outstretched ready to hug me as we always do when we see each other a few times during the year. How quickly time goes by and too often we don’t notice until we are reminded once more that we’ve missed seeing someone dear to us.

After our hug, not wasting any time, she quickly took my hand and led me down the hallway of the department, passing all the offices of my colleagues, out into the exterior lobby of the building. As I was experiencing holding my friend’s hand, I was witnessing everything happening as if it was an “out-of-body” experience. As I watched, perched above as the omniscient being that I am, I noticed the nervousness in my body. After all, typically I’m not one to participate in public displays of affection. I tend to be more private, although I must admit it felt wonderful to share in this experience with her. As we exited the lobby we rounded the corner to find two of her co-workers waiting for the elevator. She quickly introduces us, all the while holding my hand and smiling from her heart. As the elevator arrived, my friend hugged me again and as she did, I felt the softness of her eyelashes brush across my cheek.

The next morning I took some time to reflect on that experience with my friend and remembered what I had written less than two weeks before, which was ….. “I believe in holding hands, giving hugs, and soft, sweet butterfly kisses.” I was amazed at how all of it had unfolded just as I had written it to be. Shortly after my realization of this manifestation, my friend stopped by to see me again. I recounted this story to her in detail, explaining how she had been an active participant in my manifestation of the words I had written. She sat there beaming as she listened to how everything had unfolded. As I’m sharing the story with her I say to her, you know, this is just what pure love feels like, isn’t it? She nodded her head in agreement that what we feel towards each other is nothing less than that. We then talked about how it’s always been that way between us, since the first time we met more than fifteen years ago. People used to look at us and comment, not understanding what we might share in common. But we knew what was there for us, somehow we have known all along. It’s pure, unconditional love.

If there is an intention in sharing this story with you it is this; to let you see through this experience how the universe unfolds in such a magnificent way when we allow the law of attraction to deliver to us whatever it is that we’ve asked for. This is not the first experience that I have had like this; it’s one of many that I observe on a regular basis in my life. I am grateful to have this awareness, and appreciate what can feel like magic in my life every day.

Tammy Taylor





Tammy Taylor
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™