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Jan 22

Lessons Within a Lesson

In this new cycle, or… New Year, many of us have been called to try new things; to do, be, create, think, express differently. To come out the comfort zone, come out of our shells or to spread the wings and fly. And, of course, I took it to heart and very personally! ? I started …

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Oct 14


In the spiritual realm, there are many ideas and thoughts about our “stories”. Here are my thoughts about our individual story; and how my story relates to me and who I am at this moment in this 3D incarnation.

Our stories are what make us who we are in this life at this time. They cover our entire existence over all of our lifetimes and our journeys to this point. Each life has lessons to learn and we choose all of the lives and journeys we have traveled including this 3D lifetime.

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