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Lessons Within a Lesson

In this new cycle, or… New Year, many of us have been called to try new things; to do, be, create, think, express differently. To come out the comfort zone, come out of our shells or to spread the wings and fly. And, of course, I took it to heart and very personally! ?

I started going deep into childhood memories, my imaginary future possibilities and buried desires. Questioning myself: What else did I want to be/do when I grew up that I have not done yet?

That questioning brought me to this new experience. As I live this new exciting/challenging process of remembrance of being fully my Self, as myself and part of the Divine consciousness, I have felt confused and clear, frustrated and at peace…. all at the same time! But, I am committed to embracing it… fully!

Following guidance from within, from friends and family and from the loving nudges that God/ Universe/Source is giving me through my experiences, I chose to go for it and answer the calling to do something completely different.

Taking action upon opportunities, I found myself pursuing one of my very deep and quiet desires and loves… to learn to play an instrument.

As I child, I always imagined myself dancing and playing/rocking to this hypnotizing instrument… the guitar!!! Yes, like those female guitar/electric bass players… yep, just like that! ?

Even though I feel a have been living in a song, I’m super musically oriented as a dancer, and with a family full of musicians and performers, I could picture myself playing it, but (maybe because others did it or, because I felt I wasn’t cool enough) I didn’t seriously consider it an option, like I did with dance(which became a career). I never thought I would be brave enough to pick up a guitar to play it… especially now, years later!

It felt too familiar, yet too foreign to conceptualize it. It’s  knowledge felt beyond me, yet very deeply rooted within my soul. An unexplainable connection; a deep feeling of  respect to it, to its sound.

This idea of playing guitar took me to a point of discomfort and feelings of unworthiness. The thought of me creating music through this instrument felt embarrassing… the sound will come from my playing it? I am more familiar with being seeing, not heard (or so I thought).

It still feels uncomfortable and embarrassing, even though I have processed. Little by little… I’m getting over it. ?

So, me acting upon bravely and with a conflicted mind,  I followed my intuition and guidance to find an instructor; it started as my son’s guitar instructor, who also plays. Then, buying a guitar(no name yet ?)… and then actually starting the lessons.

I dove right into my first lesson. And, with ZERO understanding of the instrument, I attentively listened to the instructor while a gazillion thoughts were processed in my mind. You might know some; thoughts like: “Me, not me… Ego please stop… I don’t get it! Be patience, have fun… why, I don’t get it…” On and on!

There I was… me! 10 minutes into it, I was on the verge of tears of frustration, trying to grasp the concepts of the guitar. I found even the most elemental concepts challenging… I still do; there was the quiet voice/energy saying, “Shh… Listen, imagine, be patient… You can do it!”

Then, the instructor started to explain the how’s. The string and the pressure of one’s touch, and how that creates the sound. Depending on where you place your fingers on the strings, different sounds one creates. Also, the sound gets higher in tones as you go down the neck of the guitar and vice versa… he lost me there a little bit!

Yes, awesome! yet… I didn’t get it.? Then he said, “Imagine a Circle.” Ahhh… ok! More confused, but I gave it a few breaths (practicing patience, thank you yoga).

All of a sudden, in my mind, I saw this circle tilt into a different perspective, looking at it diagonally. As I see another perspective, I start seeing a spiral  moving higher, as it goes down the neck of the guitar. The strings being the spirals, showing me how the sound moves. And how this relates to me. Just like our experiences in life.

Imagining life as a circle… well, to me it looks like a never ending circle, where we experience things over and over again. Different scenario, same core issue; over and over… It is not until we see the loop for what it is, we wonder in an ego-based spiral of thoughts. Sometimes, we get sucked in to that flow. But,  when we look at it from another angle, tilting that circle; the spiral shows up! I imagine it very similar to a DNA strand. That circle expands, like an accordion. There I can see the downward and upward spiral. The flow is there for us to flow in whatever direction we want. Within it, I can see how even the core issue shows up, as repeatedly as it might seem, the experiences are showing us its lessons; to learn and remember. I can choose from what perspective to see it. Seeing things in such a way, helps me to allow myself to observe it from a higher/different perspective every time. Allowing a deeper knowing and understanding of it so I can release, and expand. So I can evolve, grow, and learn the lesson.  To let go with gratitude. Like a spiral of limitless possibilities, experiences, knowledge full of love, made by, with, to, and for Love. That’s how I’ve started to understand how the guitar works. And it feels amazing!

Back in 3D/guitar lesson, an hour-and-a-half went by in a blink of an eye! So fun!

Now, I have a better idea about guitars, how it works and how I relate to it. It’s fascinating!

The learning/play process… it’s a challenge I was able to choose. I’m feeling empowered and unafraid to mess up. I’m allowing myself to be vulnerable and allow a sound to come from me.

I choose to flow with the knowledge of the beautiful unknown, and allow myself to experience it, to the best and highest of my capabilities, feeling grateful and having fun.

To a new cycle… In allowance and acceptance… Going beyond… Being courageous… Being a lighthouse… Being!

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Yashmin Wall
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner


In the spiritual realm, there are many ideas and thoughts about our “stories”. Here are my thoughts about our individual story; and how my story relates to me and who I am at this moment in this 3D incarnation.

Our stories are what make us who we are in this life at this time. They cover our entire existence over all of our lifetimes and our journeys to this point. Each life has lessons to learn and we choose all of the lives and journeys we have traveled including this 3D lifetime. We always have choices in each of these lifetimes; and we may or may not learn the lessons intended. Each of the lessons not learned in each of the lifetimes may be carried forward; we may face that lesson again in another lifetime. We may also make agreements and attachments with other souls which could carry forward and will eventually need to be resolved in addition to the lessons we are working on.

I have had many spiritual advisers tell me their thoughts on our stories. Some resonate with me and others not so much. In becoming a better and more spiritual being, we need to work on our stories and where we are in our spiritual growth. The final goal is to finally resolve all issues of all lifetimes, current and past.  Then our story will be complete and no longer needed. At that time, I feel that we will become One with the Divine Consciousness; and our existence in the 3D will be complete. Until that time, I do not think we can ignore or discard our story. If we could, all of the attachments, agreements, and lessons would no longer appear in this incarnation or any future incarnations as issues to be recognized and resolved.

As a spiritual healer on my journey in this 3D incarnation I have had many experiences with other healers assisting me with working through my story to let go and learn lessons to move me closer to being One with the Divine Consciousness. Several things that have made an impact on me with moving forward are very important to me; and I will share them with you and how I feel about these issues.

I feel that one of the most important things to remember when working with another is to honor and respect that person’s story. We all can have the same experience at the exact same time but each of us will be affected differently depending on our individual story and where we are on our journey. So, something that seems trivial to you may be significant to another. Plus, the other person may need assistance to be able to resolve that issue in their reality. That is what we do as healers – help others find ways to resolve their issues and heal themselves in their stories.

To me one of the most overused phrases that I have heard as long as I have been on this journey and seeking help in moving forward is, “You did the best you could with the knowledge you had at the time, just let it go and forgive yourself”. The problem with this is that I personally did not know how to let it go and forgive myself; and I did not have the courage to ask how I was supposed to do that. So I just kept silent, tried to figure out what I was doing wrong, trying to learn as much as I could, and still judging myself as not being worthy because I just didn’t know how to let it go.

I have had an issue that has been with me many years in my adult life that I have tried to figure out how to let go and forgive myself for. I have worked with different healers and never could get past it. I always got the “let it go advice” which didn’t work for me. Not long ago I was working with someone; and inevitably, this issue came up again. We worked on it for a bit but didn’t seem to resolve everything. This healer did not tell me to let it go. We just left it where it was.

Later, as these issues have a way of doing, it came up in a very big way one evening and I was in great distress over it. I sent that healer a text that said I was really struggling; and they asked if I wanted to talk about it. I couldn’t. So they asked if I thought I could put it into an email; I said I would try. Later I started typing.  I decided I would just type whatever came into my head and had no idea what I had typed. When I was finished, I hit send without reading what I had written. As soon as I hit send, I felt a peace come over me and the issue no longer felt huge. The response back to my email was, “WOW, that sure covered a lot”. No judgment, no “just let it go”, just holding space for me. I went back and read what I had written. I was a bit shocked, and had no idea how much was tied to the issue. If I had read it before sending it, I would not have hit send. Since this occurred there has been a major shift in my life with all of the aspects that were tied to this issue. I guess that I personally needed to have everything put out there that was part of this issue so that I could see the big picture. I have finally forgiven myself; and it is no longer an issue. It is still part of my story but it no longer has power over me.

My take-away from all of this is that as healers we have a responsibility to help our clients figure out the best way that works for them to be able to let go and forgive themselves in their stories. Don’t assume that everyone is at the same place on their journey, or just cut short their story and tell them to forgive themselves. They may not know how to do that and we need to be more sensitive to that possibility. As we all know we do not heal others, we assist them in finding ways that they can heal themselves. Sometimes just holding space and letting them work through it is all they need.

Bonnie Butler, Facilitator





Bonnie Butler

Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™