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Nov 16

Going Beyond!

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately about “going beyond.” What does it really mean? Is it going beyond the ordinary? Going beyond normal? Going beyond limitation? Perhaps it is those things. And perhaps it is much more than all of these things put together. We have a tendency to see only what we can see …

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Apr 14

Sifting Through the Stuff

Knowing about the benefits of energetic clearing by letting go of the material “stuff” we hold on to is one thing… actually letting go of it can be quite the process! Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator Dee Jones’ experience of sifting through “the stuff” on her own journey…

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Jan 03

Unclogging, Letting Go of the $*@! for 2015 (and Letting In the Magic)

Discussion of a new phase after letting go of a HUGE amount of muck; a (sort of) funny manifestation of such to begin the new year – and new phase.

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