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In the spiritual realm, there are many ideas and thoughts about our “stories”. Here are my thoughts about our individual story; and how my story relates to me and who I am at this moment in this 3D incarnation.

Our stories are what make us who we are in this life at this time. They cover our entire existence over all of our lifetimes and our journeys to this point. Each life has lessons to learn and we choose all of the lives and journeys we have traveled including this 3D lifetime. We always have choices in each of these lifetimes; and we may or may not learn the lessons intended. Each of the lessons not learned in each of the lifetimes may be carried forward; we may face that lesson again in another lifetime. We may also make agreements and attachments with other souls which could carry forward and will eventually need to be resolved in addition to the lessons we are working on.

I have had many spiritual advisers tell me their thoughts on our stories. Some resonate with me and others not so much. In becoming a better and more spiritual being, we need to work on our stories and where we are in our spiritual growth. The final goal is to finally resolve all issues of all lifetimes, current and past.  Then our story will be complete and no longer needed. At that time, I feel that we will become One with the Divine Consciousness; and our existence in the 3D will be complete. Until that time, I do not think we can ignore or discard our story. If we could, all of the attachments, agreements, and lessons would no longer appear in this incarnation or any future incarnations as issues to be recognized and resolved.

As a spiritual healer on my journey in this 3D incarnation I have had many experiences with other healers assisting me with working through my story to let go and learn lessons to move me closer to being One with the Divine Consciousness. Several things that have made an impact on me with moving forward are very important to me; and I will share them with you and how I feel about these issues.

I feel that one of the most important things to remember when working with another is to honor and respect that person’s story. We all can have the same experience at the exact same time but each of us will be affected differently depending on our individual story and where we are on our journey. So, something that seems trivial to you may be significant to another. Plus, the other person may need assistance to be able to resolve that issue in their reality. That is what we do as healers – help others find ways to resolve their issues and heal themselves in their stories.

To me one of the most overused phrases that I have heard as long as I have been on this journey and seeking help in moving forward is, “You did the best you could with the knowledge you had at the time, just let it go and forgive yourself”. The problem with this is that I personally did not know how to let it go and forgive myself; and I did not have the courage to ask how I was supposed to do that. So I just kept silent, tried to figure out what I was doing wrong, trying to learn as much as I could, and still judging myself as not being worthy because I just didn’t know how to let it go.

I have had an issue that has been with me many years in my adult life that I have tried to figure out how to let go and forgive myself for. I have worked with different healers and never could get past it. I always got the “let it go advice” which didn’t work for me. Not long ago I was working with someone; and inevitably, this issue came up again. We worked on it for a bit but didn’t seem to resolve everything. This healer did not tell me to let it go. We just left it where it was.

Later, as these issues have a way of doing, it came up in a very big way one evening and I was in great distress over it. I sent that healer a text that said I was really struggling; and they asked if I wanted to talk about it. I couldn’t. So they asked if I thought I could put it into an email; I said I would try. Later I started typing.  I decided I would just type whatever came into my head and had no idea what I had typed. When I was finished, I hit send without reading what I had written. As soon as I hit send, I felt a peace come over me and the issue no longer felt huge. The response back to my email was, “WOW, that sure covered a lot”. No judgment, no “just let it go”, just holding space for me. I went back and read what I had written. I was a bit shocked, and had no idea how much was tied to the issue. If I had read it before sending it, I would not have hit send. Since this occurred there has been a major shift in my life with all of the aspects that were tied to this issue. I guess that I personally needed to have everything put out there that was part of this issue so that I could see the big picture. I have finally forgiven myself; and it is no longer an issue. It is still part of my story but it no longer has power over me.

My take-away from all of this is that as healers we have a responsibility to help our clients figure out the best way that works for them to be able to let go and forgive themselves in their stories. Don’t assume that everyone is at the same place on their journey, or just cut short their story and tell them to forgive themselves. They may not know how to do that and we need to be more sensitive to that possibility. As we all know we do not heal others, we assist them in finding ways that they can heal themselves. Sometimes just holding space and letting them work through it is all they need.

Bonnie Butler, Facilitator





Bonnie Butler

Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

Let’s Do the Time(line) Warp…

Have you or someone you know recently said something along these lines:

“I’ve had these intense feelings come up, even though the situation was fairly minor. The funny part was, I was OBSERVING the emotions as much as I was feeling them; it didn’t even feel like me…”

“Lately, I’ve had this strange series of events where I’ve been in a room, and it feels like I can ALMOST hear a conversation going on, like I”m a part of it… but I can’t quite hear it, and I’m not quite a part of it…”

“I suddenly started having pains in a part of my body where I’ve never had pain in before (or that I haven’t had in a very long time). There’s nothing to point to the cause, no accident, no medical issues…”

“I keep on going to sleep and having ‘dreams’ where I’m in this life, here and now, but the people and situations around me are different, to some extent…. yet, while I’m in the ‘dream’ I’m completely comfortable there, know what’s going on, and know the people around me. It feels so REAL, too…”

“There have been multiple experiences where I KNOW I’ve had a conversation with someone on a certain topic… yet, when I’ve continued on the topic with the person involved at another time, they have no recollection of having that conversation with me…”

I could go on and on…

Part of my practice with Trinity Energy Progression™ – a LARGE part of it – is doing the work on myself and helping others to take out the “partitions” between different versions of our self, so we can easily and fully step into the Truth of who we really are… and ultimately into our Divine power. As we go along, I have more and more consciousness of and work with a variety of different types of partitions: levels of consciousness, twin flames (in different ways and on multiple levels), lifetimes… and what’s been a BIG topic of focus for the past 5 months has been the assimilation of parallel timelines.

The Concept of Parallel Timelines

The first question many ask is, “What ARE parallel timelines?”

As I understand it, we choose a certain set of “main lessons” in every lifetime we incarnate. The package we choose – the body we develop, the person we become, the environment(s) we live in, the soul family here with us – are to optimize our experience to complete these lessons.

However, each lesson can be accomplished in innumerable ways, even within the “package” we’ve chosen. And so, whenever we’re at a certain crossroads that are key to experiencing and learning a major lesson we’ve chosen to learn (which, by the way, follow the bigger theme of playing out lessons in a certain individual way to reflect the goals of any given consciousness of a collective group)… we create different parallel timelines of ourselves to complete that lesson in every way possible.

I know… it’s sorta mind-blowing at first. The key is to just flow with it… ask for clarity on it… because believe me, this is just the beginning…

There have actually been some great illustrations of this concept in numerous examples our commercial entertainment. One AMAZING example of this was the TV show Sliders, which aired from 1995-2000 (you can watch the episodes of this show on Hulu.com). The premise is a group of people moving through parallel universes, where they are themselves, but in different “parallel worlds” – to find their way “back home” to the timeline from which they started. Also, the 1998 movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow is a movie about a woman with two parallel timelines – same life, different choice – running simultaneously throughout. There are many others, but these are wonderful depictions that can help some the mind around the idea.

The Shift/Evolution

Before now, my understanding is that we’ve typically waited until the end of a lifetime for resolution and assimilation of all timelines in that lifetime. It’s at that point we’ve looked at the whole scope of lessons and timelines, and asked ourselves, “Did I learn these lessons as I set out to, and have they been learned completely and fully?”

Right now, well… we’ve decided to do it differently. We’ve set ourselves up with such magnificence in what to accomplish during this time that the way for us to step fully into our Truth, fully into our Divine power, is to pull out ALL partitions, to consolidate consciousness of the Self. This includes resolving ALL timelines… and my understanding is that we’re doing it all on the fly, faster and faster and in larger and larger groupings as we go!

What does that mean for us individually? First of all… it’s different for everyone, and different in intensity and speed for everyone, as well, depending on their role in the 3D physical on Earth during this time. My understanding is that this timeline, from which I write this blog, is THE central timeline for “the shift”… and thus, all timelines are eventually resolving into this one as we go. From this past December (2012), this process has sped up exponentially… and continues to do so! The closest way to visualizing the process – as I’ve been shown – has been one timeline “overlaying” another, with the boundaries of each fading away; at a certain point, once the other timeline is “complete,” it simply fully melds into this one (in addition, sub-timelines of other timelines also meld into those timelines FIRST, before even melding into this one).

This  process manifests into this 3D physical world in many ways… sudden, unexplained emotions that don’t feel like they’re coming from the here-and-now you, but  easily assimilate with your consciousness here (and often the thought, “Where the heck is THIS coming from?”); what I affectionately call “glitches in the Matrix” – when you KNOW you’ve had an email, phone, or in person interchange, and yet it’s seemingly “disappeared” from this reality; hearing thoughts of yours that feel like and you know are you, but there’s something… just… a… bit… off from the “here-and-now” you; conversations you can ALMOST hear in a room… when you feel like you should know what the conversation is about, and that you’re somehow a part of it; and numerous other ways.

I started consciously “timeline hopping” in my sleep (although I didn’t understand what it was at the time) around 2000. There have been some timelines I’ve “visited” from this consciousness of me repeatedly over the years; currently, I often “go to” a timeline (typically in my sleep or in meditation… though I’ve had a few instances when it’s happened in the middle of the day) as it’s resolving, as the situation/lesson is completed… so I can understand the emotions and understandings that are coming through, heal whatever needs to be healed, assimilate whatever needs to be assimilated (all with grace and ease, of course!)… and press on!

It took me awhile to understand all of this… and wow, what a ride! Here’s a personal example: My husband and I have been together in a HUGE variety of different ways over numerous lifetimes – lovers, relatives, best of friends, worst of enemies (and we’ve even killed each other multiple times LOLLOL). And thus, here was are, together during these amazing times, to complete those lessons we’ve worked on together, once and for all! So, it’s not surprising to know that we’ve also come together in many, MANY of the other timelines, even if the energy of us coming together is different than it is here.

Sometime in December, I suddenly started having these bouts when I would feel angry with my husband, upset with him, or _________… without explanation in the here and now (as some would say here in the South, “Bless his heart…” LOL!). I would observe this foreign feeling, and think, “Where is this coming from?” I’d do healing work, stay fluid, and let it flow. Then, after this had been going on, one night I would go to sleep and BE there in that other timeline as it was resolving. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and understand completely… heal and resolve the timeline, assimilate the knowledge into this one. Then it would happen again… and again… faster… and faster. Finally, I went in and set myself up to automatically, seamlessly, and consciously assimilate the lessons learned from all timelines resolving into this one, with grace and ease… while releasing all residual negative energies and emotions from those resolving timelines. That’s resulted in a far smoother progression! Most recently, I had a situation where a small catalyst here caused a huge, collective clearing for “versions of me” that had assimilated… I was overwhelmed with the power of the feeling, and the number of “voices” of me I was hearing, coming seemingly out of nowhere. What was amazing and helped it come up and move out with such fluidity was having the consciousness to see it as it is, to allow it to flow, and to heal and release it!

“What Can I Do About This? How Can I Help Things to Move Along in MY Life/Experience?”

If you’re reading this, and it makes sense to you (in that woo-woo kind of way LOL)… you might ask, “How can I be conscious of and remedy this myself?” First and foremost, become conscious of it (and reading this blog was your first step)! Then, if you have practice in energetic healing (Trinity Energy Progression is my simplest, most powerful choice these days… take an upcoming class to learn how to utilize it), you can start with setting your intention to seamlessly and with complete grace and ease assimilate all timelines that have resolved, are resolving, and will resolve into this one; to instantaneously release all residual negative and resistant energies and emotions from resolving timelines; and to fully assimilate the lessons completed/learned from the assimilating timelines in a positive and productive way into your conscious knowledge here and now. You can also simply set the intention via meditation.

If you’d like assistance with this via a Trinity session, you can contact me or any of the Trinity Energy Progression  practitioners.  🙂