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Allowing Ourselves to Feel… and to Love

LettingLoveInLove is my favorite topic! Love is the utmost balance. We can accomplish anything when we are in this state of being.

Over the past year, most of my clients have been suffering from some type of fear, isolation and/or anger issues, obviously preventing them from feeling the blissful state of love. Through much reflection, I have come to understand that it is time for people to “feel” again. We have spent so much of our lives blocking out our feelings and emotions. I see all that is happening in this world right now, which is allowing so much fear, isolation and/or anger to arise, as a tool to allow us to process these old pent-up emotions and non-expressed feelings. It is easy to see where people have suffered the most depending on what topic enrages them the most…

It may be difficult to see how we could possibly feel love when all of this pain arises in our consciousness. So my advice to everyone who comes to me with these issues at this time is this: FEEL each emotion. ALLOW yourselves to be angry and sad. Take the time to cry, scream, weep, protest or whatever it takes to get it out of your system and take the time you need to do that. Then: CHOOSE to be done with it all; TRANSCEND what is going on and NEUTRALIZE your emotions; TRUST in the process of life.

Giving yourself this allowance is the perfect step in honoring YOU and your feelings. We can choose love but in order to get there, we must allow ourselves to feel in order to neutralize and transcend. We cannot talk the talk if we don’t walk the walk. I have experienced this first hand and I understand the difficulty!

I know there are many spiritual practitioners and well-seasoned instructors who have gone through this and are still working through a lot of deep emotional issues. We cannot get to that state of love without going through the trenches of emotions. The light shows us the darkness. I have found that I get through it easier if I talk with someone and have a session. I encourage everyone to do the same. We can sometimes get through certain issues on our own, but we are in a new paradigm of working together now. I am truly grateful to all who listen to me and help me see what I am so blind to!

There may not be many in your close entourage who understand you, especially when you first begin your awakened path. There are many healing practitioners and facilitators who can help you just by listening to you and allowing you to unload your heavy heart while holding a space of unconditional love. This is “processing” and it is the biggest gift of love you can give to yourself! You will open up and it will help you realize that everyone is going through similar forms of processing now or will be in the near future, no matter WHO they are! You will become more open to others and be non-affected and feel peace within which will allow you to be in a state of love for everyone and everything no matter what.

I also love using light and color, especially when I feel imbalanced in the love department. My experience has been that pink is the best frequency color to help me heal and feel joy. Try it! Breathe it into your heart and spread it through your body and out beyond what you believe your aura is. This way, you affect everything with love! Blanket yourself in pink and allow yourselves to feel!














Lovingly yours,
Nicole Camilleri
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Simple Acts of Spreading Kindness



Note: This was written by Colby Hall, Trinity Energy Progression Instructor, the day after the U.S. Presidential elections, Nov ’16… and being posted in mid-December, with the political landscape just as chaotic… and during the end-of-year holiday season, providing stress for many this year; so of course, perfect!)

I had intentionally put off writing this blog until after the election, figuring that I would have lots to write about once the election was over.  But as I was in the shower on Election Day, inspiration struck (as it does so often when I’m in the shower), and I knew I had to write.

There’s something wonderful about a shower. I think it’s the perfect combination of the sound of the rushing water, the white noise from the exhaust fan, and the warmth that the water against your skin provides. Whatever it is, I find that in the shower I often go into a place of stillness and calm where my thoughts flow as easily as the water. So what was the thought today that led to this blog post? It was that I should text my mother and tell her I loved her. It was as simple as that. I thought about how that simple text would make her feel special and cared about, and how I hoped it would warm her up all the way down to her toes. It’s no small thing on my part either; I tend to find love difficult to express and therefore don’t express it nearly enough.

This idea blossomed into another – as my ideas tend to do when I’m in the shower – and I wondered what it would be like if even a small percentage of the population sent a random text to someone they cared about to let them know. It could be something as simple as “Hope you have a great day” or “Thinking of you.” It doesn’t even have to be words. I received a virtual bouquet of flowers from a friend of mine the other day who used a lot of different flower Emoji’s and sent the “bouquet” to me in a text.  Think of how special the recipients of these texts would feel, and then how that might change the way they approached everyone else they encountered in their day.  By one simple, small act, many lives could be changed.

I choose to perpetuate happiness as much as I can, to generate it within myself, and to do what I can for others to find it. I hope that you will join me in this endeavor. Although I am not a big Twitter user, I would love to see this go viral and for lots and lots of people to send a random text of caring to another as often as they feel inspired to do so.   We’ve all heard of random acts of kindness, so I thought I would call this #RandomTextsOfKindness. If even a few lives are brightened, it will be well worth the effort.










Colby Hall
Trinity Energy Progression Instructor/Practitioner

Love and Light

loveandlightThe fastest way to be the light
First love yourself with all your might
Then you will know which way to go
Where rewards come from – your heart aglow
White light, pure love – it’s essential
Sweet as it is, pure potential
Feel it now – and then release it
If just for a moment –  what a difference it makes
To love another as we do ourselves
What a precious gift, first to give and then receive
Love and light, yes that’s the key
That’s the way, no You and Me
But to be free, we come to be.


Tammy Taylor









Tammy Taylor
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Connecting the Dots

deeconnectthedotsMy brain feels heavy and it has been arduous in processing ideas. I cannot say what is causing this resistance in writing! In response, I sat down with pen and paper the other day in the middle of the floor nestled between my two dog friends. That action spurred on some idea brain mapping and thought bullet pointing and arrow drawing on a page that connected ideas. I warn you, this  may be a rough wild ride as the synaptic connections fired away and tagged a chain of ideas which connect to create an interesting path which leads to….well let’s just say; we will see where to we find ourselves!

I recently attended a Mind, body, Spirit Expo in Raleigh for a few hours. There are usually a few of these throughout the year to bebop into and engage and play with all sorts of perspectives of how to think, feel, be, experience, and do what perhaps may lead us on our path of finding our true and authentic self. I found myself in one of the rooms where learning sessions are available. These are usually one-hour talks given by a vendor who holds a space on the expo floor. I missed some of the talk, but a piece stuck out as interesting to me. The speaker was coming from the perspective of ayurvedic health. The notion that if our body vehicle is processing something causing imbalance, the internal organs are most important and will take all the energy, nutrients and anything possible to achieve a state of balance. The skin organ, however, is on its own. It is seen as insignificant when this process of re-balance is occurring. Our hair, nails and skin will suffer terribly in such an event. This is an interesting concept, as the idea of vanity popped into my head, and opened up to become something more positive than my feelings were for the concept I held moments before as being something along the shallow vein. Wow, a new perspective of being concerned with the quality of my hair, skin and nails became something of interest! Vanity became a quality of protection or a first alert of a potential crisis. If the skin is the first sign of a potential body imbalance, we get a visual signal outwardly on the surface that we can see and observe.  Our vanity kicks in and says this does not look good.  But rather going down the ego rooted path of what it means not to look good, instead it turns to going down the path of hey, something is going on within me which needs resolution. If not this sign, how far down the path would we go not knowing that something internally was running rampant within and potentially causing all kinds of havoc?

Ok, so the signal has been sent, the skin has erupted, we notice the alert, our vanity responds and now we are in protection mode. If not this signal we may not know how to respond to maintaining this vehicle, this vessel we have chosen to incorporate as part of our being of being here. This realization wowed me again. The brain zapped and fired and the question emerged, so where is “here”? And what is “here”? Basically, I asked, “What the heck am I doing here and what is the meaning of it all?”

Interesting enough, I have been in a group that meets once a week to discuss and talk and experience ideas and concepts of being. We just started looking into the work of Byron Katie. Based on a short introduction of her work, she has a method of short self -inquiry where we ask ourselves a series of questions when we experience something that rubs us. It’s all in effort to get the bottom of what irks us. One of the questions she encourages us to ask is, is this real? Followed by the question, how can we be sure that it is real? With these two questions, my mind is being kneaded like dough, and it twists and comes into contact with a conclusion that says, none of this is real.  This thinking says, hmm, interesting, if all that we see or experience is a collection of perspectives, how can any of this be real? If my perspective is one thing and if yours is yet another, then how can we be sure if either one of us is dabbling with the truth….maybe a variation of truth, but not reality or truth itself? I step way back and a notion surfaces. This notion says that this 3D experience cannot be real at all and is only an illusion. Another question surfaces, and asks where and what of here is real?

And more questions, such as so why are we held here in 3D illusion? Why are we influenced by unreality?  And, what is the purpose?

I have been influenced by the teachings of Abraham. On my car ride commute to work each day, I’ve been listening to YouTube play lists of Abraham’s topics of discussion. Many talks on the discussion of the purpose of being here have resonated with my consciousness. One has touched upon the idea of being here in 3D purpose is to play with it and create with it. I have been for many years a thinker; lately, all this thinking has brought these thoughts to discovering feeling.  Abraham reminds us that how we feel is the ingredient or fuel to what we create. Ultimately, we must choose how we want to feel. Now that I am dizzy with this windy and windy path of figuring it out, I ask myself so what, what is next?

Four points emerge and after being distilled, there, essence is as follows.

  1. Choose how we want to feel.
  2. Focus attention on the people, things, ideas, thought, emotions, feelings, and experiences which affirm that feeling we want to feel.
  3. From that outcome, an editing and redefining process occurs and all that does not support what we want to feel or do or be falls away.
  4. Continue to embrace all that is an expression of what we want to feel.

I go through in my mind for what it is I want to feel and loop back to the question, what is real? There seems to be only one feeling that stands out. David Parent in his blog about “This is SO Five Minutes Ago!” arrived to a similar conclusion that love is the persistent, everlasting, never changing, authentic and real emotion that is. Thankfully, there is one buoy in this 3D landscape that exists for us to hold onto as a place where truth resides.

Now, we possibly find ourselves at this point, a place where many have directed us. One way-giver, is The Beatles who sang it for the world.  In one line, they remind us that “love is all we need,”

It has been a wild ride as is life, but to sum it up, love to all of you! (the real thing!)


Deena Jones / Facilitator

Dee Jones
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Priority #1: LOVE YOURSELF

loveyourselfThe saying goes, “we are our own worst critic,” and it is so true!  What I notice most about myself and the clients with whom I work is… we can be really mean and hateful to ourselves. We beat ourselves up for things we felt we should have done better and we often give little credit when appreciation is due.

I did not realize how negative my thoughts were about myself until one day I was at a spa taking a mineral bath.  I decided to go through each of my body parts and send loving thoughts to all of my body, piece by piece.  As I did this and moved around from my eyes, to my nose, to cheeks, chest, stomach and so on, I remembered all the nasty thoughts I had in my past about nearly EVERY single body part.

I had been completely unloving to myself and my physical body. I have had negative thoughts about my nose, my eyes, arms, stomach, thighs, hips, legs, head, feet, hands and on and on. The only body part that I never was cruel to was my ears and elbows!!  Pretty much everything else had been attacked in one way or another.

This is just one example of how my thoughts have been directed towards my body. I could spend another few pages talking about how mean I am about other aspects of my life, but let’s not go there today. You get the point.

I believe many of us experience these discouraging thoughts about ourselves. My goal here today is to let you know you are not alone in this experience. Nearly EVERYONE has these thoughts!

So, what can we do? I have a few tips that can help you shift the energy around how you feel about yourself. These have been effective for me as I am moving towards more self-love and acceptance. These suggestions also help to increase awareness about how you really are treating yourself.


  1. Look at yourself, or rather into your eyes every day in front of the mirror and tell yourself how much your love yourself. Let you know how amazing and wonderful you are.  (Sometimes, I can’t quite feel that emotion, so if I’m not “feeling” it that day, I ask that I love myself as much as source/god/creator/the universe loves me).
  2. Find ways to appreciate yourself. Give yourself compliments and encouragement even if you just did something small.  Maybe you went for a walk instead of watching TV.  Give yourself a pat on the back.
  3. Notice when you’re being “mean” or experiencing negative self-talk. Chose a mantra or a phrase that helps to shift from that experience.  My favorite is, “I love and accept myself just the way I am with unconditional love”! Repeat this as needed and even more powerful to do in meditation.
  4. Journal or meditate about your feelings. Some of these lower vibration thoughts and feelings need a place to go and need to be acknowledged.  Release them by writing them out, by meditating on them or allowing the emotion to be expressed.  Sometimes we just need a good cry to let these go.
  5. Practice vigilant self-care every day and every week. Do something every day that supports your well-being.  It could be taking a 10 minute walk or a 10 minute breathing meditation.  It could be to read an inspiring message from a book or article.  Then do something once a week that really makes you happy for at least an hour!
  6. Be patient with yourself. You are here to experience these challenges to overcome them and ultimately come from a place of unconditional love for self and all.  I may be an idealist, but I believe that is our true nature to be in a state of LOVE and we can ALL get there!!

Coming from the perspective that loving yourself is your number one priority allows you to get in touch with who you really are.  It helps you to shift more quickly from less than desired feelings to feelings of joy, happiness, love and peace.  Isn’t that what most of us are striving for?  Enjoying life, helping others and feeling good? If you get in with and follow your heart, you will find your way back to LOVE!










Jennifer Cunnings
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner