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Nov 15

Love and Light

The fastest way to be the light First love yourself with all your might Then you will know which way to go Where rewards come from – your heart aglow White light, pure love – it’s essential Sweet as it is, pure potential Feel it now – and then release it If just for a …

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Sep 14

Connecting the Dots

My brain feels heavy and it has been arduous in processing ideas. I cannot say what is causing this resistance in writing! In response, I sat down with pen and paper the other day in the middle of the floor nestled between my two dog friends. That action spurred on some idea brain mapping and …

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Mar 03

Priority #1: LOVE YOURSELF

The saying goes, “we are our own worst critic,” and it is so true! Now, more than ever, it’s REALLY important to shift such negativity to remember the place where we LOVE ourselves… a discussion on rediscovering self-love.

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Dec 21

Celebrate Life this Festive Season (and ALL the Time)!

How are you progressing through the end-of-year holiday season? Are you able to celebrate life, and enjoy every moment? Can you let go of that which doesn’t serve you? Look at the vibrancy… a perspective by Trinity Facilitator Sandy Anthony.

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Oct 18

I Am

I Am the ALL… what is within. Poetry in consciousness by Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator Mary Hogan…

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