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Swirling at 10,000 feet,
The golden soup of Be-ing
Twirls ad infinitum,
Whirling, creating,

Magnetizing, energizing,
Drawing out the most
Optimal realities,
Releasing the dross,

In-joying, enlivening
Each moment unfolds,
Celebrating Is-ness
In effervescent tones.

A captivating sunset
A heart-wrenching embrace,
Intoxicating beauty,
Hilarious displays

Of life-affirming spirit
Bursting through the dark,
Manifesting magnificence,
An existential spark.

A cosmic centrifuge,
The fountain of life,
A lotus in the mud,
A beacon of light

Omniscient, microscopic,
Eternally within,
At the heart of (the) matter
And always has been…










Mary Hogan
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Follow Your Guidance, Wherever it Leads!

Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, AZ

We all know the importance of following guidance…wherever, whenever, whatever the cost, because you just have a feeling you’re supposed to. I got that opportunity last month when Trinity Facilitator, Debi Weinstein invited me to join her and her husband/Trinity Practitioner, Gene Weinstein, in Arizona after their training course in Lake Havasu.

With less than a week notice, I booked flights into Flagstaff and out of Las Vegas. At 5am the following Monday, after the last day of the school year and a Trinity Practitioner training weekend, I set off on my Southwest adventure. Debi and Gene met me in Flagstaff and we proceeded to Sedona. En route we enjoyed a yummy outdoor lunch in a tree-lined canyon and bought beautiful hand-made jewelry from Native American vendors. Debi was inspired to visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross, built into the spectacular red rocks. The temperature was hovering around 100ºF, down from 118ºF the preceding week, under intensely brilliant sun. Just inside the open-air chapel entrance was a brightly colored painting of a veiled woman, presumably Mother Mary. The three of us sat on a bench in the front of the steamy chapel and did a Trinity session that (literally) blew us away. Both Debi and Gene felt a lovely breeze blow through. Sadly, I missed it, perhaps because my attention was on a spiral vortex connecting up to the ethers and down through the earth.

While waiting for a golf cart to take us back to our car, we were treated to an in-depth explanation of the Native American and energetic significance of the various red rock formations by a knowledgeable guide. He pointed across the canyon to Cathedral Rock, a masculine vortex formerly known as Court House Rock/Butte, for the frontier era court and execution gallows located there. The chapel is located at Eagle Rock, which has feminine energy associated with the water that runs beneath it. On the right side of the chapel is a double peaked formation with Mother and Child energy. It was clear we had done masculine/feminine/child integration work within ourselves and the earth.

The next day we visited the town of Oatman, AZ. This former movie set for “How the West was Won” has a herd of wild donkeys who come down from the surrounding hills and roam the streets waiting to be fed by the tourists. After two pregnant females eagerly consumed my bag of hay pellets, one of them butted me with her nose as if to say, “Aren’t you going to buy us another bag?” After lunch, a young male eagerly consumed my salad leftovers and would have eaten the styrofoam box if I hadn’t retracted it in time. What a treat for both humans and burros!

That night after a delicious Italian dinner, we did a Trinity vortex at the hotel. In addition to the personal benefits we each received, I felt us connecting with the consciousness of Lake Havasu – a rare (feminine) body of water in a very dry desert.

As we drove to the airport in Las Vegas, I thought of my uncle and godfather, Joe Hogan, a former state representative for the “Strip” for many years before his death three years ago. On the rental car shuttle to the airport, I noticed a woman’s shopping bag that said “Joe’s” and felt his presence. I connected with him and was able to assist him in clearing agreements he had with the city.

Sometimes guidance is last minute and seat-of-the-pants. So glad I listened to that little voice and took Debi and Gene up on their invitation!









Mary Hogan
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Happy Graduation, Granny!


J2, aka “Granny” – photo by Dave Eillifrit, from the Center for Whale Research

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of whales and dolphins. So the recent news of Granny Orca’s passing hit me close to home. For those not familiar with orcas, aka killer whales, they’re not actually whales, but the largest dolphins and the top predators in the ocean. They were originally named whale killers by coastal native american tribes, which was translated into English as killer whales.

There are three main groups of orcas near where I live: The largest group are primarily ocean-going ambush hunters of large fish and mammals. The Bigg’s or transient orcas travel between the ocean and the Northwestern coastal waters hunting mainly marine mammals. The Resident Killer Whales live year-round in the coastal waters off Washington State and British Columbia surviving mainly on salmon.

At an estimated 105 years old, Granny was the oldest known orca on record. She was the matriarch of the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales J, K, and L pods. She was revered by naturalists, marine biologists, whale watchers and residents alike! Energetically, she was also a very high vibrational being whose consciousness transcended the orca population. Animal Communicator Mary Getten published a series of interviews with her in the book, Communicating with Orcas.

I’ve had the honor of connecting and working closely with Granny for the past two years. She regularly appeared in my energy sessions to assist with my clients’ physical, emotional and spiritual clearings, healings, and vibrational upgrades. I often felt her presence and called on her to join in the work I’m doing with human, animal and non-embodied beings. Her energy is loving, powerful and filled with light. I’ve come to love her, though we never met in physical form.


J2 aka “Granny” – photo by Janine Harles

On September 29-October 3, 2016 we held our Trinity Facilitator Retreat on Orcas Island (WA). When I connected with her spirit en route to the island, she and the orcas were thrilled that we were coming and supported our work there. Unbeknownst to me, the last official sighting and photos of Granny were dated October 12, 2016. I became increasingly aware of her waning physical presence in late October/November 2016. While she still participated etherically in my work, photos and reports of her sightings had ceased. I spent the last two months mourning her in advance. The thought of her no longer in the waters surrounding my home brought tears to my eyes.

In a joint session with Trinity Energy Pratitioner Christine Groenendaal on December 30th, I asked for clarification on her status. She appeared and let us know she’d gone into the mountains surrounding Puget Sound, but would continue to be present energetically to support the Ascension of humanity. On January 2nd, the Center for Whale Research declared Granny missing and assumed deceased.

Since her transition, she’s become an expression of infinite unconditional love for us and the planet. She’s delighted with her newfound freedom and potential, no longer struggling with near starvation, polution and military sonic blasts. Knowing Granny is liberated and yet still present has been a comfort to me. It’s helped me appreciate even more the concept of death as graduation, or my new catch phrase, an “exponential upgrade.” As we progress, I believe we’ll be seeing increasing numbers of transitions in both humans and animals. Amidst what may initially feel like a loss, I hope we can maintain the perspective of exponential upgrades, liberation and joy, both for them and ourselves!









Mary Hogan
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

The Energy of BEing

MaryWatercolorThere has been much discussion of transcending the increasingly frenetic 3D, healing ourselves and the world, resolving the stories of this existence, etc. Recently, in the ethers, I got beyond all of these experiences to a level of pure BEing. I perceived my blissful opalescent Soul/Source Energy surrounded by soft clouds. This vision made me think of a poem I’d written at the time of my father’s passing.

The Clouds

The clouds stretch out
To eternity.
Shades of pale pink, yellow, and blue
Dust the surface of fluffy white,

Sunrise on the rest of your life.
A few unfinished details
Before proceeding
Into the dazzling light.

No more struggles,
Futility and injustice.
Finally time to let go.
The false overlays now lifted,

Like veils of untruth,
Reveal what has always been
The overshadowed reality
At the core,

At last, set free to soar
Among the clouds.

Later that afternoon, I recognized the same opalescent colors and cloud-like imagery in my son’s ten-year-old watercolor painting. I’m continually “reminded” that awakening is a process of remembering what we already know at a deeper level. I consider these coincidences to be echoes of the soul, confirming an underlying truth we’re just now connecting to the larger reality.

The concept of the soul’s inherent, eternal magnificence waiting to BE re-embraced feels particularly timely. It’s comforting to understand the chaos around us as simply completing “a few unfinished details.” We can hold these low vibrational external situations in the Energy of BEing. In the midst of what may feel like increasingly dark hours, we can connect to this level of BEing, create the reality we choose, and soar in our own dazzling light.









Mary Hogan
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Endings and Beginnings: Progressing Unencumbered

MaryBlog0316-bAs we’re all aware, life is accelerating. In the past several weeks alone, we’ve had Leap Day, a total solar eclipse in Pisces, and watched the Downton Abbey finale (sniff 🙁 ). Though these may seem unrelated, I consider all three examples of endings and beginnings.

I love the idea of Leap Day – once every four years, we have an extra day devoted exclusively to moving forward! The timing was perfect for it to occur this year, while we’ve been stepping beyond our previous mode of healing wounds/releasing the past to creating our new reality. I’m reminded of an astrology reading suggesting that instead of deciding what to take from the rubble of my past, I simply turn around and step into my future. That seems true for us all: time to remember how to leap forward into our custom-designed lives.

The solar eclipse in Pisces on March 8th represented another doorway to our future selves. In a total solar eclipse, the sun, moon and earth align, with the moon between the earth and the sun. This temporary blockage of the sun is a time of transition, of facing and integrating our shadow side so we can proceed beyond the limited experiences of our past into greater wholeness. We may feel snapped into awareness of situations that previously felt acceptable but are no longer. We may be inspired to create objects or opportunities that better express our inner truth. I took the above picture of a Hallmark bag slogan, which is very much the message of the eclipse. Let bygones be bygones! Keep your focus in the NOW, which we’re creating as we speak.

As a devoted fan of Downton Abbey, I relished the final episode. However sanitized a representation of early 20th century British aristocracy, I enjoyed the empowered female characters, the embrace of modernized social structure and the triumph of love in healthy, balanced relationships. (Minor spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen the finale!) The final scene at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve following an a-cappella rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” captured the idea of standing at the threshold. I share Granny and Isobel Crawley’s high hopes for the future: “Whatever it may bring … We’re going forward into the future, not back into the past.”










Mary Hogan
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner