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Mar 05

Just Breathe!

When we open up to our true self, opportunities for growth constantly manifest. Although I continue my energy healing work/teaching and artistic creations, my journey is currently colored by studying Yoga. This is another life-long endeavor which has already brought so much joy! Meditations and breathing techniques during my practice seem to have brought me …

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Dec 01

Have You Hit the Wall (of the Mind)?

Even those of us most adept at the creation of our reality “hit the wall” sometimes. Recognizing and shifting, perspective by Dee Jones, Trinity Facilitator.

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Aug 23

In the Garden…

No matter what the size, the garden helps us to reconnect – with nature, with the earth, with our selves and our higher selves. A great form of meditation…

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Mar 07

Let go, my Ego

An answer bubbles up to the surface and shows that I am in grief and misery and terribly miss knowing that I will forget all this. When I wake up and step into my truth and being that I am, I will have no memory at all of this dream world of this enchanted, exotic, wild, exciting, ego trip that I have been experiencing since the apple was eaten and this hallucination begun. That I hold onto. I hold onto wanting to remember this and that. Something tells me that both cannot be remembered. It feels like something of the flavor of “we cannot serve two masters.”

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Feb 05

We Are Limitless!!!

Starting anew can’t begin without the crumbling away of the old first. A reminder from Spirit to me this new year has been to recognize the beauty of rebirth from destruction. This includes the destruction of the negative patterns or beliefs we have held onto for perhaps many years. Old programmed beliefs that we fail to see in ourselves can come to light at any time within our consciousness to be released and healed … thereby ending our own suffering.

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