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Let go, my Ego

Fasting, releasing, letting go, removing blocks which prevent our light to shine, removing masks and discarding our shadow lives and being in full bloom to show up as authentic self.  If I were unafraid, I would let go of all my masks, all props, costumes, scripts, all ego created beliefs and BE.

I am pondering why I have created such a tight grip to holding onto the show.  Even though I know that letting go leads to something a whole lot better than my ego can imagine, I still resist and I hold back.  I am watching this tennis match between my ego and a wall.  Watching and believing that my ego can champion over a wall.  A wall which only is the reflective action the ego imposes upon it.  Yet even knowing that this is not real, I am holding onto it as if it is.  There is still so much resistance upon letting go.

I want so much to remember, remember my true authentic being.  My prayers, meditations, readings, writings, healings, and thoughts all focus on this.  I remind myself daily or more often than that to “wake up” … to “remember” … to “let go and trust” … and to “be in faith”.  Some moments, many moments, my patience turns and annoyance and aggravation become me and questions of doubt and uncertainty pour out.  The questions spill, “why can’t I just wake up, why is this taking so long, what the heck” and so on and so forth.  Then snap, my mind pivots and I attend to “it is time to refocus, time to heal, time to sit with that and reveal what the hold up within myself is.”

An answer bubbles up to the surface and shows that I am in grief and misery and terribly miss knowing that I will forget all this.  When I wake up and step into my truth and being that I am, I will have no memory at all of this dream world of this enchanted, exotic, wild, exciting, ego trip that I have been experiencing since the apple was eaten and this hallucination begun.  That I hold onto.  I hold onto wanting to remember this and that. Something tells me that both cannot be remembered.  It feels like something of the flavor of “we cannot serve two masters.”  I am torn, as I know it is time to step into the fullness and all that I am, but darn it all I do not want to forget this wild story.  My sentimentality and love for this imagined creation is still strongly entrenched in my being.  I am hitting the snooze bar for 5 more minutes, I am enjoying this dream.

Along comes the siren with a lullaby and it sweetly sings that it does not have to be all or none, not right away.  This is a finely tuned web of beliefs after all; and here negotiating, the ego is at work and says, “you know you can have your cake and eat it too.”  But of course we can stall.  We can take an evolutionary step and yet still be present with this 3D dream.  The drum rolls, and the reveal is that we can BE AWAKE within the dream.  Interesting, this is a precarious position for the ego.  I am surprised it is willing to take a step in this presence.  For the ego, this is like standing on the ledge of a cliff and all of a sudden the other side of the earth falls away leaving the ego balancing itself on a pinnacle of land for support without much leeway or wiggle room for roaming or moving about. It looks bleak for the ego now with nowhere left to go.  It is reduced to its final frontier and left to dissolve into I…..

I am afraid to let my imaginary friend go is what it boils to, and in irony it is my imaginary friend who is afraid to be imagined, to be let go, as my imagined sense is making this so.  It is confusing to be insane. It is now time to let go of the insanity within.  Know now it is time to turn within and connect to source and release and heal and receive the Truth of that in which we are.

Peace and Love to all.  See ya on the other side where though there is no word for it, I believe it points way beyond awesomenesssss!


Deena Jones






Dee Jones
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

We Are Limitless!!!

Starting anew can’t begin without the crumbling away of the old first. A reminder from Spirit to me this new year has been to recognize the beauty of rebirth from destruction. This includes the destruction of the negative patterns or beliefs we have held onto for perhaps many years. Old programmed beliefs that we fail to see in ourselves can come to light at any time within our consciousness to be released and healed … thereby ending our own suffering.

After meditation this morning I realized something. I had felt guilty a good portion of my life for not suffering as much as my sister had while growing up and even into adulthood. This knowing had occurred to me before….. but now I saw it sooooo very clearly…and I was ready to clear it once and for all. Hello there, limiting belief! As I carefully traced my feelings and emotions back to my early childhood, I saw how I allowed my emotions to manipulate me. Do you remember the saying “misery loves company”? I felt guiltily for not suffering more: how strange, but how true of so many of us. We are so addicted to our suffering.

In the energy work that I do, self-work is the most important. The first step for me is recognizing a belief that may be holding me back from my highest potential. I shift into a higher perspective by first thanking it for serving me and teaching me what I needed to know. Then I observe how those beliefs dissipate when released.

We are in charge…remember that the power is always inside of us. No need to reclaim it…it’s already there! No need for any more suffering….It’s my understanding that it’s a core limiting belief to believe otherwise. So, you want I should suffer? No thank you, I think not. We are limitless!

Debi Weinstein





Debi Weinstein
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

The Beauty and Perfection of the Void

Anyone who knows me knows my mantra: “Remember how to quiet the chatter and look within” … yes, which DOES translate to some form of meditation! However you choose your journey, whatever “flavors of ice cream” you choose to help you along the way, THE most important part is simply the basic exercise of quieting the chatter of the mind/ego and remembering to be aware of what many call “the void.”

Sooo… often, when someone starts to meditate (which may be homework from a session with me), even though I may emphasize that the KEY is the quiet – aka “the void” – they’ll come back to me a few weeks later and tell me that they were disappointed with their results, because though they did experience a sense of peace and quietude… that was it. My response, to their surprise: “PERFECT!”

I’ve had a client come back to me and tell me that although they just had that experience of “the void” in their meditation – even if they asked for the answer to a question – they did notice that several hours later, they would be in a car driving somewhere, and BAM! There would be their answer. They asked me what they were “doing wrong.”

Expectations, expectations, expectations…

When someone tells me they “can’t meditate”… I simply tell them they haven’t found the way that suits them best yet; and/or they have too much of an expectation of “what’s going to happen.” Often, progress includes focus on releasing expectations, and a continued focus on finding a suitable form of meditation to allow “the void.”

This is important because a large part of the ego’s role in this existence of duality has been to explore individuality and separation. Thus, all energies and emotions around that – which includes fear, anxiety, resentment, regret, anger, guilt, doubt, sorrow, and pain – are based in the ego. While incarnate in the 3D, we’ve gotten into the habit of allowing this part of our consciousness to be ruled by separation and individuality, while cutting off connection to other parts of our consciousness (especially “the Higher Self”). Part of what we’ve allowed is a LOT of mind chatter – all from the ego, all sentiments and thoughts based in separation – that we’ve forgotten how to FEEL the wholeness of who we are, ultimately including our Oneness and part of the Divine. Of course, that’s been part of the game!. Ultimately, we’ve forgotten mindfulness and presence, because all of that chatter is very rarely about what’s going on RIGHT NOW.

Many want to start to “tap in” to their inner knowledge, to their Divine wisdom, their intuitive abilities… and yet vehemently resist the basic exercise of meditating, which ultimately will help to release the habit of allowing the chatter to take over their reality. The practice of meditation, first and foremost, allows us to quiet the chatter and just BE… nothingness, in the moment, with nothing else. Part of this is because we’ve allowed the chatter to become SO loud that we can’t hear or feel anything beyond what’s being caused by the chatter.

When one can sit in that quiet, it’s the equivalent of sitting in an absolutely still house, when everyone’s asleep in the middle of the night… and suddenly, without the noise and hustle/bustle of daytime live, every creak, every tiny movement and adjustment throughout can be heard/felt…sometimes the quiet breathing of soft slumber from across the house, because it’s so quiet! Sometimes, I wonder if so many are afraid in such stillness because of the ego’s desperation to seek the chatter on the outside as much as the inside!

The point is… when we can quiet ourselves so peacefully and thoroughly on the inside… THAT’S when the Higher Self and the REST of the Universe comes through, loud and clear, in ALL ways! Want to improve your intuition, your psychic abilities? This is the way. Want to exist consistently in higher, more enlightened consciousness? Yep..

Once, I was doing a session with a Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioner who had come to me for some tune-up work.  Though she was feeling as if her practice was definitely benefiting from Trinity, she was frustrated because she wanted to “see” more. So, her intention was to release the expectations AND to release the blockages that prevented her from doing so. In the middle of the session, her etheric self turned to my etheric self and asked, “Do you mind if I step into YOU energetically?” When doing a Trinity session, the perception is that the Practitioner energetically “steps in” to the recipient fully, to help turn up the light and dissolve the limiting factors from the inside… Do this was very unusual, as I was doing a session on her, and “out there” she wanted to turn the tables.  The intention was so she could see what I could see… feel what I could feel. She did so; I could feel the quiet contemplation, and then her etheric self asked me, “Is it THAT subtle? Are the impressions and what you come to understand THAT quick?”

It wasn’t until recently that I fully realized the importance of that experience, and what it was pointing out to me: because there’s SO MUCH across the entire Universe of consciousness.  When we remember how to quiet the chatter that takes us out of the moment, and instead bask in the quietude of “the void” to allow EXACTLY what we desire to come to us in the 3D… THAT’S how we access the full Divine Consciousness. The more we clear the mind, the louder the whispers become… and the clearer a singular answer for our question becomes.

Some of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in allowing the quietude that is the whole of the Universe have been in physical surroundings that amplify this beautiful silence – at the top of Mount Shasta, California at midnight on the night of a full moon; on Kauai, Hawaii, with the waves invisibly rolling into shore in the vast darkness of the night; on a rock outcropping at Pebble Beach on Orcas Island, Washington without another soul in sight but a lone harbor seal appearing periodically to join me in the beautiful silence while floating on its back in the water; at the last moments before and as the sun peeks over the horizon … and others.

So, the next time you wake up in the middle of the night and can hear nothing but the silence – “the void” – instead of allowing the chatter of the ego to take over, instead go within, expand your heart light, listen to, and feel the stillness.

…or, you could just do a little meditation every day…  😉







Angela Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression


Matters of the Heart

Love is the most complex four-letter word. Period. It causes every single emotion we could ever conjure. It makes us dream, it makes us scream. Love is hair-raising, goosebumps-forming, heart-banging, perspiration-drenching, suffocating, out-of-body, soul-ascending CRAZY!

Depending on our perception of love, it can make us do things we never thought possible. Love is constantly playing us, tickling us with this thought, that desire. We succumb to its beauty. We surrender to its charm. This four-letter word comprises everything we need in order to progress in our lives and oftentimes WE DO NOT KNOW HOW TO UNDERSTAND IT!!! Little word, massive confusion. Add the word “unconditional” and we want to jump overboard!

Through all of my own heart-wrenching conundrums, being brought to the mercy of angels in the universe, I have had to find ways to release the air out of the pressure cooker or else I was going overboard.

Please allow me to back up three years and mention my first “real” feeling of love BEing.

One day, I was desperately trying to learn how to meditate at that time in an aching bag of bones that I called my physical body, reaching for answers, searching for solutions. It was nearly impossible for me to concentrate, so “spirit” thought it wise to knock me into a peaceful slumber (which happened often when I tried to meditate!). But that day, I was slammed in the chest with what felt like a punch, abruptly bouncing my insouciant corpse out of dormancy! I sat up, perplexed, but not in pain. In fact, I felt peace! And my heart… my heart felt huge! I mean HUGE! And I was in love. IN. LOVE. WITH. EVERYTHING. The trees, the moon, the stars, the animals, the rocks, the water, the refrigerator… you name it, I loved it! I was on a virtual high! Everything was beautiful. Everything had its place. I cried tears of joy as I walked my dog. I had no idea what had happened.

The beauty lasted four days. I awoke and it was “removed”. I then felt empty, confused. It was gone, but not completely gone, because there was a memory of it. Perhaps a new cellular memory… I couldn’t explain it. But it was the beginning of my quest to find it again! Because… WE are the creators of our reality! We are beginning to understand this now. I’m not talking Chinese here!

I realized that love is a state of BEing.

But how do we achieve this state of BEing?

Finding the love must first be found in the self. But wait! How can we do that when we feel guilty about this, angry about that, mad about …. blah blah blah…

Here is what I did (although I cannot guarantee how long it will take, as each individual has its own timeline) : We must first start by having the courage to look inside and observe ourselves, accept what comes up that we do not like, FEEL it, acknowledge it, value it, thank it for its lessons, forgive ourselves and LOVE IT. Yes, we must love the gunk. We must love the junk. We must be thankful for the gunk and the junk because it taught us so much. It taught us what we don’t want in our life anymore. We kindly acknowledge the gunk and junk one last time, then ask it to dissolve into the light. (Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioners can help you with this, if need be).  Then, we realize that everyone has the gunk and the junk… and we understand it now so something magical happens! We lose judgment, we lose expectation. (!!!) Then there is freedom. Then I see the body as an empty vessel to fill! We can now fill it with everything we love: thoughts, fun, sweetness, etc.! Hee hee! It’s as simple as that! Well, be patient with yourselves if it doesn’t take place as fast as you hoped.

Here is an exercise to help you along the path of BEing unconditional love.

Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed. Sometimes it helps to put on an mp3 player with sounds of nature.

Put your hand over your heart center and breathe into this area for several long breaths. Imagine there is a closed flower under your hand with a crystal in its center. Now think about all that you truly love (kids, animals, spouse, nature, etc.) as well as things that really make you feel good. Take your time imagining. You are building a love vibration in your heart.

Imagine that all of these feelings of love are going into the crystal in the center of the closed flower and see the crystal grow. The love will make the crystal expand and open the petals of the flower, slowly showing the emerging crystal full of colors of the spectrum. Visualize these colors. Feel them, smell them. Let them fill your BEing. Extend this vibration 20 feet out to the front, then to the right, back and to the left of you. Your aura is vibrating with the unconditional love of these thoughts and colors.

When you are ready, come back to your heart center.

From now on, you can put your hand on your heart (or even just imagine it there) and you will bring that sensation of unconditional love to you. It is now in you forever!

Here is a quaint synopsis :

L  ook inside

O  bserve

V  alue

E  volve

Unconditionally, Lovingly Yours,
Nicole Camilleri




Nicole Camilleri
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression

No Asky, No-Getty

In this time of great change, it is more important than ever to go within to find our own personal truths. When we listen to our own hearts and get confirmation in messages, it is a powerful reminder indeed. Messages come to us in many ways. Are you listening?

How do you personally recognize the messages that you are constantly receiving? Do you get messages from animals, plants, feathers, airplanes, insects, clouds, books, music, art, or by physical sensations and vibrations. When we learn how to tune into our own higher knowing, we tune into the Universe and get our messages loudly, clearly, and beautifully.

Meditation allows a clear and open channel to hear such messages. It is vital to quiet the mind because only a quiet mind can actually hear the answers being received. When there is a bunch of chatter going on in our heads all the time, who can hear a thing?

Those of you who know me…know that I have been on an active path in service to the YOU-niverse for quite some time now. I have often been inspired to use many little phrases…my “Debi-isms” …some have called them…to help anchor a point home. One of my favorites is “No-Asky-No-Getty”. When we start ASKING…ASKING…ASKING….not wondering….guess what happens. We actually get ANSWERS! This remembrance to continually ask my higher self for clear answers was really anchored within after taking a Trinity Energy Progression™ class a few years ago. Ask for messages…ask for signs…ask for answers…..

I think back to the first time I learned this lesson which is the story of a particular “teacher” of mine, who I called my living animal totem, my dog “Daisy”. Our family had decided to get a dog. Even though I didn’t have spirituality as part of my life as I do now, I had started to communicate with angels when I was very ill. My husband Gene suggested that I go upstairs in meditation and “ASK where we were supposed to go to find our dog”. I immediately saw the color, size, and markings of “our” dog very clearly. I was told that her name was Daisy and what shelter we would find her in. I had never had a third eye vision before, so it was quite profound. When we got to the shelter, as I was guided, there was the dog I saw in my vision, exactly as I saw her; and when I asked for clarification, I heard this was our dog. I had also heard “In the beauty there will be ugliness” which made no sense to me until we got home to find she was covered in ticks; and over time found out she had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which she healed herself of. I got so many lessons from her including how to handle death, practicing patience, telepathic communication, and how to heal. Of course, one of the biggest gifts was her teaching me how to recognize signs and messages, and how to ASK for guidance and for what you want.

Now get on out there and remember to ASK what’s for your highest and best! No Asky, No-Getty …

Debi Weinstein





Debi Weinstein
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™