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“Trinity” State of Mind

Sarah Avignone, Trinity Instructor

Sarah Avignone, Trinity Instructor

I find myself repeating the same story over and over and realized it was worth writing down.  So here it is! I started my Trinity Energy Progression™ training in November, 2012. I have had many years of training in other energy modalities and this one seemed to speak to me; no, it actually screamed to me! So, I didn’t hesitate to sign up for the class.

My life began to change that weekend. My parents were living with me and my mother’s health was deteriorating very quickly. I began to use Trinity right away to check for guidance about what was in my mother’s highest and best interest, and not allow my egoic interests to consume me. She transitioned only a few weeks after the class and it was through Trinity that I was able to feel her joy as she connected with her parents and others who were waiting to greet her. It was more joy than I have ever experienced from her during her lifetime. I knew right then that this was a very powerful tool that would change my life; and it has.

I started noticing that the days I included a Trinity meditation were the days that just flowed and weren’t full of stress. So I added that to my daily routine. Next came the impromptu shower meditations to deal with any feelings of resistance about a particular situation. Then I would finish my day with a short intention in Trinity as I fell asleep.

This routine quickly cleared out anxieties and fears that had become part of my everyday. Almost like I had grown accustomed to them and didn’t realize how much of my energy and time they consumed until they were gone.  I actually felt more in charge of my life.

Looking back, this was just the beginning of how Trinity has changed my life. I like to refer to Trinity Energy Progression as a tool.  You know the saying, “It’s easier with the right tool for the job”.  The same is true for energy modalities! I have found that Trinity is the only tool I need. It opens a door to a place of peace and unconditional love. I use it all day everyday.

So besides the “on purpose” meditation time, I use Trinity to help with everything from heated discussions to what to have for dinner. Living in a crazy household with my husband, father, 3 teenagers, plus 3 cats and 2 dogs, I need all the peace and unconditional love I can find!! And again, I didn’t realize how much time and energy the chaos of my life consumed until it was gone. I also didn’t realize the physical and mental toll it was taking either. Not just on me but everyone in my house. Trinity is so universal and unconditional; its only limits are my imagination. Just a few examples are raising the vibration of your food to better serve the body, keeping family and myself on “auto-clear” to better navigate life, attract prosperity and abundance. I could go on and on.

The violet flame showing itself at Heart Lake, near Mt. Shasta at the Facilitator's (Instructor) Class, July 2013.

The violet flame showing itself at Heart Lake, near Mt. Shasta at the Facilitator’s (Instructor) Class, July 2013.

It is amazing how much more you hear when you quiet the storms in your life. I have been able to hear my inner voice guiding me to my life’s purpose. Something I have longed for every day.  In July, 2013 I took the Trinity Energy Progression Facilitators class; and yes, my life has changed even more. I find it easier to stay in a higher perspective of my life and see things more objectively. I notice that the areas of conflict in my life held purpose and the sooner I understood or accepted the purpose, the sooner they dissolved.

Don’t get me wrong, my life isn’t without ups and downs; but how I deal with and understand it all is the difference.  My life is perfect in everyway. Perfect to my specifications! It is my creation.  Trinity Energy Progression has given me the tool to move through my creation with all the grace and ease I will allow.

Sarah Avignone
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression