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Are You Still ‘Spiritually Seeking’?

Are you still “spiritually seeking”? How often do we hear this term in spiritual circles?

I hold a monthly “Consciousness Transformation” discussion group meetup local to me, with the intention of bringing together those who are established and have been active on their spiritual journeys… including professional practitioners. Guidance was that it’s time to bring the community together to just “talk shop.”

And that’s what we do; it’s one of my favorite activities every month! We come together to compare notes, see where our different specific vocabularies actually mean the same thing. We talk about the very practical – relationships, etc. – to the much, much bigger picture; for example, last month, we had a pretty extensive discussion about our perceptions of Earth’s position as part of a much bigger, intergalactic project (including discussions around different star beings). It was AWESOME and fun for all of us to simply let loose and share – completely free of judgment, exclusion, or limitation.

This is why I LOVE holding this group; it’s always great to get together with other like-hearted individuals!

Last night, for the first time in quite awhile, we actually went around the circle of those present and did a brief intro of whatever each person wanted… most talked about where they are spiritually, what their journey’s been about.

What I loved was when it was one woman’s turn, she said, “I’m NOT a seeker… I stopped feeling the need to ‘seek’ a long time ago…”

At hearing this, I my heart leaped in excitement… I’d never even thought of things that way, and yet, I LOVED the way she said that!

In spiritual circles, I’ve noticed the term “seeker” comes up again and again. I never consciously realized there was something that felt a little limiting to me when it was used… until this woman said what she said.

When we truly come to the place of IN-dependence and full magical empowerment, and trust that we have access to the answers, that we ourselves are the Divine embodied into an amazing, unique facet of the whole… then there stops being the need to look outside of us. We stop seeking, and allow ourselves to remember.

As the originator of the Trinity Energy Progression practice, I’m passionate on helping others remember that they have ALL OF THE ANSWERS inside of themselves… they simply need to remember how to access that information as the part of the Divine Consciousness that we ALL are!

That is essentially the foundation of this practice: Acknowledging we ARE the Divine, and the Divine is within. Everything that makes up this practice is to support aligning thought, word, and deed on remembering that, with energetic methods exponentially accelerating the opening to that remembrance inside. The ultimate goal is what I call true “IN-dependence”… knowing and allowing yourself to have access to the answers beyond anything else that is presented outside of you.

Not that I don’t appreciate sharing; I absolutely love it! Often, different perspectives bring together a bigger picture that is sometimes missed individually… that’s SO fun to do, when one does it from the place of confidence in what they understand and where they are with themselves, from a place of love vs.from a place of need for validation.

Some might claim, “When you stop seeking, you stop learning, and grow stagnant.” The mind is what tells us it’s important to seek! Yet in my understanding, it’s quite the opposite. The word “seeking” in itself indicates that one believes the answer is outside of them. When we stop being a slave to the mind/ego – which is the identity that believes that the answers are OUTSIDE of us (as its job has been to explore identity, separation, and duality) – and we realize Oneness, our Divine Self, and from a place of Universal Love and Oneness/Wholeness, then we stop existing in from a place of lack altogether, in all ways. When one recognizes and takes full responsibility for their entire reality as they’ve created it, then one can also recognize they can change and create anything; In this place, I also know that all of my experience is one big message of remembrance to myself, and if I fail to consciously recognize the message internally, I allow it to come to me externally, in a way I find fun and easy (my personal mantra).

Once I came to this, I stopped looking for the answers outside of me and acknowledged that I have all of them for myself and my journey… and rather than expending a lot of energy looking to others for any answers (in the form of books, classes, etc.), and having others tell me what to do and how to do it, I instead expanded my focus within with trust in the Divine me.

So many ask me how I’ve become “so powerful” in terms of healing, creating, shifting things, and seeing the much bigger picture (“seeing/visioning”); and here is my answer: It grew exponentially when I pushed myself to become a “non-seeker,” and instead focused my energy on existing in IN-dependence! (Yes, I set this all up for myself – and my Higher Self set it up to force my hand on a number of occasions… but those are stories for another day.)

However, though I don’t seek; I absolutely love sharing with others, in acceptance and interest in the absolute beauty of everyone’s individual journey as yet another magnificent facet of the Divine, as another part of me. I have my reality set so anything that’s highest and best for me and my journey that I’m not already getting within (because there IS a whole infinite multiverse to access LOL) to be presented to me a few different ways, a few different times in an easy and pleasant way for me to take notice. So, in that “setting,” I love everything that comes before me to consider along with my understandings! Then, I ask my Higher Self – as a check – if it’s for me to pursue in some way to help me remember. If I get yes, I do… and sometimes, it’s simply creating conscious clarity of whatever’s important in that moment. If not, I typically get an answer as to what IS important about the situation at hand immediately. Then, with gratitude and joy for this great big symphonic puzzle we’ve created in separation to remember our Wholeness, I play on!

And, being in this place, I find it so much more fun, to compare and share similar experiences with others from a place of “equal Divinity”!

My takeaway for you here is for you to realize that you ARE capable; the answers are all within you! My recommendation on the journey of “seeking” is that the focus be on finding the practice(s) that encourage one to remember that they’re worthy to, help one remember how to, and help one open their infinite access to this remembrance… free of limitation, ritual, and transcendent of ego, while in a place of complete empowerment and encouraging absolute IN-dependence by the acknowledgment, acceptance, and embodiment that the Divine is within.

Which, of course, brings me to Trinity Energy Progression…  😉










Angela Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression

A Work in Progress

DebiW0117I am currently working on a painting that is evolving with every layer. It is a vibrant and messy work in progress that has changed and morphed in and out of chaos and subsequent order. I do not judge it; I let it evolve and flow out of me in perfect timing. I trust.

We are each a work in progress energetically, evolving in layers….as is the world around us. We can see ourselves now in a time of fear and failure, or trust our heart and know that the process is unfolding in the best way possible.

It is time that we really see ourselves as the amazing creators that we all truly are! The creators of our own works of art: our lives. Let’s be the change we wish to see in this world together….one layer at a time… a beautiful work in progress.

Does it speak to your soul to march for a cause, speak out on an issue, or leave anonymous uplifting art or poetry for strangers to find? Listen to your inner voice and honor your inner whispers. We are all a work in progress… let’s go with the flow and have some fun along the way!














Debi Weinstein
Trinity Energy Practitioner Practitioner/Facilitator

This Blog is SO Five Minutes Ago!

TimeLots of people have felt this: Something happens, particularly emotional, and an hour later, it can feel like two hours ago. After becoming a Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioner (Jan ’14), and then a Facilitator (July ’15), I noticed this phenomenon start to happen regularly; an hour ago could feel either like five minutes or a day ago. Lots of practitioners and facilitators I know have spoken about this and we all laugh about it. What I hear is that it’s timelines collapsing into one. I can’t say I fully grasp that, but I’ve heard it so much that I just accept it and live my life…or lives…which are all happening now…not in the past…or the future…despite that it really feels like time moves forward, I’m told it doesn’t…it’s all now…did you miss it? Here it is again…did you miss it? Here it is again…do you understand now? No? Don’t ask me…I just live here.

There is a rotating schedule for writing these blogs. I was happy with my previous ones. For the first one, a topic came to me while I was walking. Great. For this one I typed a title that I was feeling last week. It felt good, but I didn’t write anything at the time. I put it on my desktop so I’d see it and remember I had a blog to write. When I looked at that title, I felt, ‘That was last week. I’m not feeling that now.’ The thing is, I’m sitting here writing this all at once and by the end it may feel like…meh.

It can be difficult if every five minutes you are someone new! This is a good thing; you are constantly changing and shedding yourself. That’s a great example of being in the flow, which is one of the best lessons shown to me by Trinity. But it can be a pebble in your shoe when your trying to find a name for your Website or business and you keep changing every five minutes.

While this can be frustrating (if you are someone who allows that type of thing), what it’s really showing is how awesome life is and, especially, how much we have grown. If we don’t react to and accept when things like this happen, that is a sure sign you are doing very well, Young Padawan! You are the proverbial duck allowing water to roll off of its back. It is constant checking of yourself; ‘You did well in this moment…now how about this one?’ Constant, it never ends, just like you. You never end, so why would this? It’s constant inward awareness, which is what all of this is really about. And yet, that awareness from five minutes ago can seem like an hour ago, which can seem like a week ago to infinity…plus one.

I see this particular blog as more fun than a topic that I am bothered by at this moment (or this one). This doesn’t really bother me a lot. The reason for writing it at this point did come from someone saying about how limiting the word healing is to them now because it implies the past and we have moved past that. I didn’t have any doubt about my Website name (TSHealing) one second before that sentence. But when it was said, I could feel it. That made me want to look for a new name. But when I really check in if this is something I want to change, at this moment, the answer is yes, but it’s not too pressing although I am now getting myself out there more than I ever have so this is something I want to change. It’s just that when I chose the name, it was over a year ago. I’m not that person anymore. But if I chose a name now, I won’t be that person anymore either probably by the time I finish typing this sentence…now…period.

What I can remind myself is the Website is not for me, it’s for everyone else. And while I do want it to feel reflective of who I am, who I am doesn’t sit still long enough for GoDaddy to take the money out of my checking account when I buy a new domain name that I no longer feel represents me. What does that bring us to? No words. We are heading towards not using words anymore because we can feel the limitations of them. It doesn’t make them a bad thing, it just…how do I put this… … …

So here we are in what feels like the end of this blog. It started taking about how time no longer feels like what it used to and now is about words no longer being enough to relay the energy we now feel and are. I will say that I do not feel ‘meh’ here at the end of it. I actually feel very good because I didn’t know where this river was going when I started! I just allowed it to flow. While I can feel that I’ve let something go, I can also feel closer to something even five minutes later. This blog is both. I feel closer to my own divinity by just jumping in and allowing it to take me wherever it will.

However, one thing you will never hear said is, ‘That love is so five minutes ago’…











David Parent
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner