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Oct 19

Lost in Translation: Living Frequency (and Light Language)

Before we move into the topic at hand, and before you read on, take a deep breath… close your eyes… and allow yourself to FEEL. Do you feel that? It was only a few moments, and yet, as soon as I asked the question above, chances are your mind/ego did one of two things: It …

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Sep 21

2016: Transformational Warp Speed…

… and dare I say it? Boldly going where we haven’t gone before (in exactly this way, at least)… 2016 has been HUGE in ALL ways… and the exponential curve of change continues to climb! As the ego/separation-based mind is the creator of “Why?” (since we’ve forgotten), I could give you any of dozens of …

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Aug 19

“Trinity” State of Mind

I find myself repeating the same story over and over and realized it was worth writing down.  So here it is! I started my Trinity Energy Progression™ training in November, 2012. I have had many years of training in other energy modalities and this one seemed to speak to me; no, it actually screamed to …

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Aug 20

Time to Let It ALL Go… (Punctuated at Pilot Mountain AND Mt. Shasta)

Can you feel it? The changes all around us? Regardless of what we believe as individuals regarding big spiritual and PHYSICAL changes in our world, no one can deny that things are progressing and changing VERY rapidly! Those who choose to clear the slate and release their limitations are doing so… in leaps and bounds! …

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