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Feb 21

Allowing Ourselves to Feel… and to Love

Love is my favorite topic! Love is the utmost balance. We can accomplish anything when we are in this state of being. Over the past year, most of my clients have been suffering from some type of fear, isolation and/or anger issues, obviously preventing them from feeling the blissful state of love. Through much reflection, …

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Aug 31

Ecliptic Cycles of Birth and Death

There is newness in the air… and I’d like to share some thoughts. I love to follow the moon cycles and the eclipse cycles. They teach me birth and death in some way. I was born in the spring, so I always feel magically rejuvenated, full of creativity. In the summer, all I want to do …

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Apr 08

Completion Within the Three-Fold Flame

The three-fold flame has some relation to the original core understandings within the Trinity Energy Progression practice. Such a powerful tool of completion! Spread the love… check out this experience with it via Nicole Camilleri, Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator…

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Nov 21

Creating a Healing Vortex… Anywhere!

There are SO many ways to incorporate spreading your light – and assisting others w/their own healing – into simple, every day tasks. Here’s a new one from Trinity Facilitator Nicole Camilleri…

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Jun 01

The Void

Learning to work with the void is challenging and a necessary step in our evolution as ascended beings. Believe it or not, this is actually the time that the body opens up fully to record the downloads it has been receiving and the vibration naturally sets in to raise our frequency. In other words, we get our antennae (for some it may feel like we are growing antlers) and we will soon be able to detect what will make us feel more whole!

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