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Swirling at 10,000 feet,
The golden soup of Be-ing
Twirls ad infinitum,
Whirling, creating,

Magnetizing, energizing,
Drawing out the most
Optimal realities,
Releasing the dross,

In-joying, enlivening
Each moment unfolds,
Celebrating Is-ness
In effervescent tones.

A captivating sunset
A heart-wrenching embrace,
Intoxicating beauty,
Hilarious displays

Of life-affirming spirit
Bursting through the dark,
Manifesting magnificence,
An existential spark.

A cosmic centrifuge,
The fountain of life,
A lotus in the mud,
A beacon of light

Omniscient, microscopic,
Eternally within,
At the heart of (the) matter
And always has been…










Mary Hogan
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

The Last Time

If I had known it would be the last time I would have ….
Held on longer and squeezed a little tighter
Been present to the moment and let go of the fighter
Looked deeply into your eyes to find the love that we had grown
Taken your hand and stopped time as we have known
Told you all the things that were left unsaid and spoken only from my heart
Listened more closely and tried harder to do my part
A relationship no more, life turns on a dime
But how could I have known that it would be the last time?









Tammy Taylor
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Love and Light

loveandlightThe fastest way to be the light
First love yourself with all your might
Then you will know which way to go
Where rewards come from – your heart aglow
White light, pure love – it’s essential
Sweet as it is, pure potential
Feel it now – and then release it
If just for a moment –  what a difference it makes
To love another as we do ourselves
What a precious gift, first to give and then receive
Love and light, yes that’s the key
That’s the way, no You and Me
But to be free, we come to be.


Tammy Taylor









Tammy Taylor
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Mystic Artist

DebiArtWith Joy
I return
To that which makes me happy
Creation at my fingertips
In that space where I become one with all
Flowing colors transporting me to other worlds
In a zone that holds no time and space
Fully immersed in the moment
Bursting with hues that sing to me the light language of the angels
A language that only the mystic artist soul can know
The wind whispers…
This is you.

Debi Weinstein









Debi Weinstein
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

The Energy of BEing

MaryWatercolorThere has been much discussion of transcending the increasingly frenetic 3D, healing ourselves and the world, resolving the stories of this existence, etc. Recently, in the ethers, I got beyond all of these experiences to a level of pure BEing. I perceived my blissful opalescent Soul/Source Energy surrounded by soft clouds. This vision made me think of a poem I’d written at the time of my father’s passing.

The Clouds

The clouds stretch out
To eternity.
Shades of pale pink, yellow, and blue
Dust the surface of fluffy white,

Sunrise on the rest of your life.
A few unfinished details
Before proceeding
Into the dazzling light.

No more struggles,
Futility and injustice.
Finally time to let go.
The false overlays now lifted,

Like veils of untruth,
Reveal what has always been
The overshadowed reality
At the core,

At last, set free to soar
Among the clouds.

Later that afternoon, I recognized the same opalescent colors and cloud-like imagery in my son’s ten-year-old watercolor painting. I’m continually “reminded” that awakening is a process of remembering what we already know at a deeper level. I consider these coincidences to be echoes of the soul, confirming an underlying truth we’re just now connecting to the larger reality.

The concept of the soul’s inherent, eternal magnificence waiting to BE re-embraced feels particularly timely. It’s comforting to understand the chaos around us as simply completing “a few unfinished details.” We can hold these low vibrational external situations in the Energy of BEing. In the midst of what may feel like increasingly dark hours, we can connect to this level of BEing, create the reality we choose, and soar in our own dazzling light.









Mary Hogan
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner