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May 15

Spirituality in Trips to the Grocery Store

One of the many ways that my Trinity Energy Progression practice has helped me change is how I experience my trips to the grocery store. I use to view these trips as another errand that I didn’t particularly enjoy. First, there would be the crowded parking lot, the initial glimpse of the extra time (I …

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Dec 28

Today is Blissful

Recently, I was walking my two male Dachshunds as I do most days. I had already walked my Border Collie and two female Dachshunds.  Courtney, the senior girl and self-proclaimed “Queen”, was riding in her “moveable throne or carriage”, otherwise known as a dog stroller.  Since the dogs have access to the backyard via a …

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Jul 29

The Energy of BEing

There has been much discussion of transcending the increasingly frenetic 3D, healing ourselves and the world, resolving the stories of this existence, etc. Recently, in the ethers, I got beyond all of these experiences to a level of pure BEing. I perceived my blissful opalescent Soul/Source Energy surrounded by soft clouds. This vision made me think of a …

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May 25

Stillness and Silence

A beautiful reflection on the power of stillness and silence in presence by Tammy Taylor, Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator.

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Nov 04

The Beauty and Perfection of the Void

Often, when someone starts to meditate, they’re disappointed with their results, because though they do experience a sense of peace, quietude, and nothingness (which is what I call “the void”). My response (to their surprise): PERFECT! Why this is a crucial step to hearing, seeing, and feeling guidance from the higher consciousness…

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