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Life is a Gift- A Present From You!

Dancer SunlightHave you ever thought about your life as a gift?  As a one-of-a kind present given to you from your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness?  When I was young, I remember having moments of sheer excitement and joy just for being alive. There was this knowing deep inside me that another day has dawned and I have another day to live my wonderful life.  Kids love to have fun.  Each day I was seeing through a brand new lens, so each day held a new gift.  I specifically remember some pivotal magical moments in my life and they gave me great insight. As I reflect back on some of them, I see the bigger picture of my experience and how they led me back to today.

My family and I went to Walt Disney World Orlando (FL) when I was a young girl. I was young, free and looking for magic.  REAL magic. Ha, I totally believed it existed!  I LOVED every minute of Disney World and all of the characters.  I wanted to be Cinderella or Snow White.  They had it so good (that’s what the storybooks said).  They were beautiful and their lives were in perfect order.  I felt the fairytale experience and I cherished it.  I was truly hoping that the characters in Disney World itself were real, as well as the Magic Kingdom.  I was feeling the wonder of a child, the purity and fullness of the deepest depths of gratitude.  I truly believed that my dreams were coming true. I was in great awe of Cinderella’s castle and I wanted it to be my home.  I felt so free and alive. I saw the gift of the moment.

Another incredible experience was on a family camping trip to Timber Shores, located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan.  It was the most wonderful campground on the planet and a child’s complete delight.  This campground had everything a child could want—a big lake, beaches, boating, woods to explore, horseback riding, swimming pools, beach volleyball, a teen arcade, craft classes, and a nice restaurant. Even the adults called it a dream campground. Counselors came by to lead the campers in a sing-along around the campfire.  We sang camp songs while we roasted marshmallows and made S’Mores.  I remember a pivotal moment on this trip where I felt so alive. I had been taking in all of the wonderful experiences all week long and one night my family was walking around the campgrounds just for fun. It was very dark out and there were other people out walking, too. Something inspired me get up and run. I was so giddy and I had so much excitement and energy that I couldn’t wait to move.  AlI of a sudden, I just bolted.  I ran and ran and ran… I ran as fast as I could.  I ran until I couldn’t run anymore. I was on a high and it was a high for life. I felt SO alive inside and I wished I could feel this way in every moment of every day.  I saw the gift of the moment.

When I was a teenager, I became more aware of my body and the workings of it. I learned about cells, tissues, and organs and how they made up the human body.  I learned about the energy of life and the energy of cells.  My body was made up of cells and energy, how fascinating.  I had no idea what was on the inside of me before that day.  It seemed so unreal.  I always thought I was invincible and never-ending, so how could I be made of something so finite?  I grasped onto the concept of cellular life and the spark at the cellular level.  I studied science and nutrition and my understanding grew. I understood the gift of life at a whole new level, which prompted deep gratitude.  I didn’t even have to tell my body to do this stuff, it just did it.  It’s innate cellular consciousness.  I remember walking to school one day and looking at my arms, hands and fingers in intricate detail. I was admiring the artistry and the mobility of my delicate joints.  Again, I was reminded of what was going on at the cellular level and how everything magically works.  My gratitude grew and I saw the gift in the moment.

As I continued on with life, I faced many challenges and not every day was built on a bed of roses. Sometimes I got lost in the darkness and stuck in the muck…and would eventually find myself in a rut.  It didn’t feel so exciting. I would look for a permanent getaway–a free ticket to fairyland to melt my troubles away! That’s why Disney World was so attractive to me as a child. However, instead of dwelling in lack, I decided to look through a different window and to allow a new thought to permeate. How do I create a new reality that I truly enjoy?  Answer: by seeing life as a gift! It’s a present to me by me. I recalled the gracious gift of life I had as a child–and the beauty it brought forth– I could feel a sudden spark of joy.  I felt it in my cells and the space between my cells. Truth calling out to me and asking me to remember the gift of life that began as a child. And to see the rainbow after the storm. All of life’s experiences are good….they are wonderful and divine.  The “good, the bad, and the ugly.”  Yes, it’s truly a gift when one understands this truth.  Each experience is part of the soul journey.

All of this participation brings me to today. Our lives are built by our days and by our wonderful moments. Today is a new gift and a new opportunity for all of us. We can create in every moment of every day.  As we merge into tomorrow, here are some suggestions to keeping your days alive and full:

  • Notice the environment you’re in and observe how you feel. How alive you feel inside. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like—it can be sunny or cloudy, rainy or clear. You’re alive and that’s what counts!
  • Reflect on the magical moments that made up your day.  What was great about the day? What happened, who did you talk to? What did you get excited about? What are you grateful for? Who do you love? Who appreciates you just the way you are? What ideas do you have that spark excitement? Sense everything about your day. Create the emotion you want to feel. What do you see, what do you hear, what do you taste? Take it all in, the taste of life.  Feel the heartbeat of life and become sensitive to all that is around you. It’s another day to be alive, to give, to feel, to grow, to enjoy.  Live, laugh, and love.  Turn up the juice and feel the magic. Love this day because opportunity abounds.  Live with passion and purpose. Your life is a gift, it’s a present from you!










Sandy Anthony
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Remembering Our Inner Essence

Debi's Blog, 5/10/15Being courageous enough to open your heart and share your deepest truths can be simultaneously frightening and exhilarating. My daughter, Brielle, is also a Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioner as well as a college student studying holistic psychology. Below is one of her latest essays which she shared with me. I found it so beautifully expressed and inspiring that I asked her permission to post it on this blog. I’m constantly in awe of both her and my clients who share so deeply with me. Stepping into a place of vulnerability and honesty can be scary, but it’s how we express our true selves and see the true selves of others.

My beautiful Brielle’s essay:

I am the universe. I am the galaxies, the earth, the sun, the stars, the moon, the grass, the trees, the animals, the people, and beyond. We are all one consciousness. I believe that we all come on the earth and other planets that we do not consciously know of, lifetime after lifetime to live different experiences and to learn from them. I also believe that we exist for a reason. We all have something to offer the world and it is our goal to find out what that is.

I think that my inner calling is to help others remember their inner essence. In this reality, most people have forgotten that everything they need is already inside of them. As a whole, we have distracted ourselves from remembering why we are here and who we really are, which is divine love. I believe it is my job to guide people back to their divine consciousness. I say the word “guide” because I cannot force anyone to change. That is not my job. It is up to that person if they want to evolve or not and I can only be a vessel of guidance for them if they choose to do so. We live in a world of duality, meaning we see things as separate. For example, we say things like, “She is a girl so she should act like this” and “He is a boy so he needs to do this”. We put labels, boxes and limitations on everything around us because we need an explanation for all that is in our existence. However, when we can re-learn how to remove the veils of duality, we can understand oneness. Once we can understand this, I believe the world will change for the better. People will know that they are one with everything and everyone around them, which could lead to more compassion and companionship.

I experience my inner essence when I am in the present moment. When I only focus on the now without any worry or anxiety for my past or future, I feel at peace. I am most often in the present moment when I am doing activities that I am passionate about. This includes hiking, walking in nature, listening to music, watching movies, meditating, sunbathing, spending time with friends/family, dancing, exercising, and breathing. When I am active in these types of activities, I feel the most in touch with my inner essence. As Eckhart Tolle nicely states it in his book, The Power of Now, you can only experience “Being” when you are fully in the present moment.

You can know it only when the mind is still. When you are present, when your attention is fully and intensely in the Now, Being can be felt, but it can never be understood mentally. To regain awareness of Being and to abide in that state of “feeling-realization” is enlightenment.

One cannot experience Being on a mental level. This is because on a mental level, we are in a state of analyzing and judgment. Being in the now is simply just focusing on the present and not trying to put labels or opinions on it. The only reality we truly have is the present moment because the rest is just an illusion, so why worry about it? The past is in the past and the future does not exist. All we really have is the now.

Debi_May15_collage2I experience my “self” on several different levels including mental, physical, and emotional. On a mental level, I feel the most separate from my true being. I feel that my ego is most attached to my mental state of consciousness. When I live through my ego, I feel judgment, fear and limitations. I doubt myself and live in a false sense of reality. This is also where my shadow side lives. When I think on a mental level, I am not in the present moment. I think about all of my mistakes in the past, the things I do not like about myself, and I doubt my potentials. My shadow sides are my demons that I have stored into my cellular memory. This means that I have these negative feelings that I carry around inside of me, without necessarily being conscious of them. I sometimes believe what my ego tells me, which limits me from being my full and amazing self.

My physical state of consciousness is based on duality. On this level, I would say that my name is Brielle, I am a female, I am 5’9’’ and I am 20 years old. Although these things may be considered true on a physical level, it is not who I am at the core of my being. In reality, I am a never-dying energy, living this experience. When my physical body dies, my energy, or soul, simply leaves my body and continues on. I sometimes forget this truth and instead live in a state of dualism.

On an emotional level, I develop different feelings based on my experiences. Just like everyone, I experience an entire spectrum of emotions depending on how I react to a situation. I feel happiness, sadness, joy, grief, excitement, anger, compassion and even emotions that cannot be put into words. I have these emotions because I am human. They help me grow and learn, even if I do not know that in the moment when I feel them. If we did not have emotions, our world would be boring. They help us shape who are on all levels of being and they allow us to express ourselves. In our society, we have put a lot of shaming on emotions, especially for men. If you cry or are upset, you are considered weak. If you openly talk about or show your feelings, most people think you are either pathetic or you want attention. However, this is far from the truth. If people bottle-up their emotions, they can seriously damage themselves on a cellular level, which can manifest illness on a physical level. Men in particular tend to hide their emotions, which is why so many of them hold anger within. Emotions are supposed to be felt. It allows us to reflect on why we are feeling that way, which helps us grow and expand. Instead of avoiding our emotions, we must learn to honor them and move through them.

When I feel any type of emotion, I observe why I am feeling that way, and I thank it no matter what it is because it is teaching me lessons and allowing me to become more of my authentic self. This is how I let my essence and my “self” get along. If I am going to feel these so-called negative emotions, I have learned that I should let them be felt so that my true self can flourish. However, the emotions that we consider negative are not actually negative because they are necessary. If we only felt good emotions, we would not appreciate them or even recognize that they are good. We need “bad” to feel “good” and vice versa. Everything is all about balance. Every yin needs a yang to balance it out.

Although all emotions are necessary since that is how humans are built, I believe the only true reality is love. The rest is part of the ego. As Dr. Wayne Dyer once said, “The components of anxiety, stress, fear, and anger do not exist independently of you in the world. They simply do not exist in the physical world, even though we talk about them as if they do”. Although negative emotions are inevitable in the human experience, they are not part of our inner essence. We need to view our emotions from a higher perspective so that instead of attaching ourselves to them and making ourselves sick, we can simply learn from them, appreciate them, and move on.

In this time and age, our culture revolves around technology. When I first started to think about the impact that technology has on us, I strongly felt that it has caused us to become very disconnected from others and ourselves. I thought that technology was ruining our ability to fully live the human experience in the present moment. I felt that it was only destroying us and had no potential to help us expand to a higher consciousness. Although this may be true in some cases, I have gained a different perspective on technology. It has allowed us to talk to people anywhere in the world and it has saved countless lives in the medical field. Technology has the ability to do amazing things in the world if we learn to use it correctly. We can use it properly by creating networks of people who want to make a difference in the world as well as share ideas and positivity on all social networks. Technology is the new way of our culture and I do not think it is going to go away. It is only going to become more complex, which is why I believe our culture needs to use it for the good instead of allowing us to become disconnected from the real world.

Debi_May15Additionally, I often become frustrated with our culture. In the Western world, we need tangible proof of everything before we can believe it. This is so incredibly limiting! I understand the logic that if something is not guaranteed to work or if something cannot be understood, then why bother. However, it amazes me that people truly think that they are separate from everything else. I also get upset about the way humans treat each other. Why would you want to hurt someone else on a mental, physical or emotional level when ultimately that person is a part of you? I think the answer to this question is because of two reasons. The first reason is because people tend to take their anger, fear and pain out on other people as a way to cope with their feelings. The second reason is because most people have forgotten that we are all connected. When you hurt another, you are also hurting yourself. We are all a reflection of each other, which is why I believe kindness and compassion are the best qualities in a person.

With all of this being said, I can view our culture in one of two ways. I can either become angry with people and judge them for not understanding what I have come to understand about life, or I can just shine my light and guide others to a higher state of consciousness. It is all about perception. There is no point in me getting angry with others because then I would be thinking through my ego, which is not who I truly am. If I view people in an all-loving way with compassion and understanding, I am much better off. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is not taking anything personally. The only reason a person treats another poorly is because they are feeling some sort of pain or fear within themselves. If everyone felt whole and self-love all of the time, they would have no reason to hurt others. That is why I now do my best to come from a place of understanding when someone treats me poorly instead of taking offense to it. Also, we all think differently. My experience is not the same as other people’s experiences, so they do not think how I think. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make, which is that everyone should think like they do and if they do not, then offense is taken. In one of my favorite books, “The Four Agreements”, Don Miguel Ruiz talks a lot about not taking anything personally.

Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves. All people live in their own dream, in their own mind; they are in a completely different world from the one we live in. When we take something personally, we make the assumption that they know what is in our world, and we try to impose our world on their world. Even when a situation seems so personal, even if others insult you directly, it has nothing to do with you. What they say, what they do, and the opinions they give are according to the agreements they have in their own minds. Their point of view comes from all the programming they received during domestication.

This had helped me a lot when dealing with other people who intentionally or unintentionally hurt me. When I can use this lesson in actual situations, I am able to let go of any negativity that I start to feel and go into a higher perspective, which has served me well.

I know that I need to let go of self-judgment and self-doubt in regards to my relationship between my essence, my “self’ and my culture. When I judge and doubt myself, I am allowing my ego to overpower my essence, which limits me from being who I really am. I think that I have these negative feelings because there are moments in my life where I feel less capable and powerful than everyone else. I doubt myself, which I know I need to let go of in order to feel at one with the universe. I feel this way when I am stressed, when I am fearful, when I am not living in the moment, and when I feel that others do my respect my opinions. This is all part of my ego and it creates a false sense of reality for me. I am aware that I need to work on these limitations, which is my next step towards expanding my consciousness.

Being aware of your thoughts and observing them though a non-judgmental lens is alone a very powerful step towards healing, which I have already begun. I need to learn how to fully honor and love myself. I will do this by taking enough time to care for my body’s needs and learning how to let go of living through my ego. Additionally, I need to become less of a people pleaser. When I live my life trying to please others, I end up tending to their needs instead of mine, which limits me from being my beautiful and fabulous self. It is important to help others once you help yourself first. As my mom always says, “You can’t pour from an empty vessel”, meaning you have to fill yourself up first before you can fill up others. I believe my calling is to help wake others up and guide them to remembering who they really are.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves when we look within rather than outside of ourselves for answers. We are powerful beings;  we are capable of doing anything we set our minds to.

Shine on And enjoy! Debi

Debi Weinstein





Debi Weinstein
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™