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Living Ascension

Living Ascension

I discovered Trinity Energy Progression™. I took the Practitioner class. I took the Facilitators class. I named my website. It all resonated with me. Little did I know that was the easy part of this journey. I realized that in order to truly step into who I am, I have to really know who I am. I have to put my self out there. Everywhere. Step out of the spiritual closet. All the way, not just with close friends and family, but with everyone. Facebook friends, Linked-in people, strangers, neighbors, and anyone who would stay and listen to what I had to say. Oh, then there’s what I have to say. What is it? A link to something Angela has said? No, it has to reflect who I am, what I believe, and what I have to offer. How can my personal journey help someone on their spiritual journey?

I never imagined answering those questions would lead me to where I am right now. The resistance to what I had to look at was tremendous. It was everywhere. Everywhere I looked had a reminder of what I needed to do. There was no getting away from it. No short cuts either. So here is the condensed version of my discoveries.

I am living ascension. To me that means I am the embodiment of ascension in my day-to-day life. That also doesn’t mean abandoning who I am to fit in a box of what ascension means. I examined my life and chose to embrace those elements that nourished my soul and spirit and release/resolve those that don’t. Sounds straightforward and simple.

It all began in conversations with Angela when we “hit” on the term “resolution”. Resolution to release/resolve the past. All of it! I saw this as a freeing of all the energies held in past situations, emotions, agreements, and beliefs. I saw the blue light of transformation helping to identify and isolate those areas creating resistance for me. This resolution allows fulfillment to also be recognized. Giving me a sense of completion with the resolution.

Our next step was “integration”. By freeing those resistant energies of the past, I was able to fully integrate my energies with those of the present. I saw the pink light of unconditional universal love intermingling with the blue light of transformation creating a violet flame of transmutation completing the remembrance of self-love.

Finally, by embracing the present and allowing the integration of all aspects of myself, I ignited my creation with the yellow light and become the creator of my life!! How powerful it was and is.

Reducing this to words makes it appear simple, and in concept it is; but as we all know the ego demands its fair share of attention. I have found that this process works for specific areas as well as general issues. Combining this with the built-in grace, ease, balance, harmony, joy, and fun of Trinity Energy Progression really creates a new flow of energies.

So this is my answer to what I have to offer to someone on their spiritual path. I must say thanks to Angela for the numerous shares and conversations and myself for creating a life that led me to these circumstances.

Sarah Avignone






Sarah Avignone
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression

Let go, my Ego

Fasting, releasing, letting go, removing blocks which prevent our light to shine, removing masks and discarding our shadow lives and being in full bloom to show up as authentic self.  If I were unafraid, I would let go of all my masks, all props, costumes, scripts, all ego created beliefs and BE.

I am pondering why I have created such a tight grip to holding onto the show.  Even though I know that letting go leads to something a whole lot better than my ego can imagine, I still resist and I hold back.  I am watching this tennis match between my ego and a wall.  Watching and believing that my ego can champion over a wall.  A wall which only is the reflective action the ego imposes upon it.  Yet even knowing that this is not real, I am holding onto it as if it is.  There is still so much resistance upon letting go.

I want so much to remember, remember my true authentic being.  My prayers, meditations, readings, writings, healings, and thoughts all focus on this.  I remind myself daily or more often than that to “wake up” … to “remember” … to “let go and trust” … and to “be in faith”.  Some moments, many moments, my patience turns and annoyance and aggravation become me and questions of doubt and uncertainty pour out.  The questions spill, “why can’t I just wake up, why is this taking so long, what the heck” and so on and so forth.  Then snap, my mind pivots and I attend to “it is time to refocus, time to heal, time to sit with that and reveal what the hold up within myself is.”

An answer bubbles up to the surface and shows that I am in grief and misery and terribly miss knowing that I will forget all this.  When I wake up and step into my truth and being that I am, I will have no memory at all of this dream world of this enchanted, exotic, wild, exciting, ego trip that I have been experiencing since the apple was eaten and this hallucination begun.  That I hold onto.  I hold onto wanting to remember this and that. Something tells me that both cannot be remembered.  It feels like something of the flavor of “we cannot serve two masters.”  I am torn, as I know it is time to step into the fullness and all that I am, but darn it all I do not want to forget this wild story.  My sentimentality and love for this imagined creation is still strongly entrenched in my being.  I am hitting the snooze bar for 5 more minutes, I am enjoying this dream.

Along comes the siren with a lullaby and it sweetly sings that it does not have to be all or none, not right away.  This is a finely tuned web of beliefs after all; and here negotiating, the ego is at work and says, “you know you can have your cake and eat it too.”  But of course we can stall.  We can take an evolutionary step and yet still be present with this 3D dream.  The drum rolls, and the reveal is that we can BE AWAKE within the dream.  Interesting, this is a precarious position for the ego.  I am surprised it is willing to take a step in this presence.  For the ego, this is like standing on the ledge of a cliff and all of a sudden the other side of the earth falls away leaving the ego balancing itself on a pinnacle of land for support without much leeway or wiggle room for roaming or moving about. It looks bleak for the ego now with nowhere left to go.  It is reduced to its final frontier and left to dissolve into I…..

I am afraid to let my imaginary friend go is what it boils to, and in irony it is my imaginary friend who is afraid to be imagined, to be let go, as my imagined sense is making this so.  It is confusing to be insane. It is now time to let go of the insanity within.  Know now it is time to turn within and connect to source and release and heal and receive the Truth of that in which we are.

Peace and Love to all.  See ya on the other side where though there is no word for it, I believe it points way beyond awesomenesssss!


Deena Jones






Dee Jones
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™

Who Do You Judge Most? The Path to Remembrance…

In most belief systems, we believe some sort of judgment is the ultimate reality. Someone judging us (and us judging others) is the basis of a majority of what motivates most of us, whether or not it’s conscious.

What’s important to look at and begin to remember is that judgment is based in duality, as we created it. Duality, in its nature, is the perception that there could possibly be something that is “not Divine”; it’s where we, as the Oneness/Divine Consciousness, decided to create what we can understand as partitions to create this illusion, to perceive what it would be like to look back on our Self.

From there was born the perception of a “me” and “not me”… and from that, the idea that there could possibly be something that existed that was completely “outside” of me… and “outside” of the Divine. From that, we created separation, and from THAT comes the perception of right/wrong, good/bad, good/evil… which ultimately is the basis of judgment.

So, judgment was birthed in this existence of separation and duality… and is limited to existing within that illusion.

The Divine Consciousness – the Oneness, Source, Spirit, God, Creator, whatever you want to call it – simply IS. When we perceive everything around us without separation, with complete acceptance for all as the Divine, we simply live in unconditional love for all that is, AS all that is… which (to my understanding) is the highest, only absolute Truth.

To remember our existence in that space while in the body, and to release ALL of the obstacles (physical, environmental, emotional, and spiritual) we have created, the BIGGEST first step is to release the need to judge and be judged. In reality, the biggest judge in the existence of duality is OURSELVES; it’s the ego (which was created to explore the idea and creation of the illusion of separation) that decides based on its filter of individual experience… and then decides what’s “right” or “wrong” based on those experiences. We judge ourselves based on the projection of judgment by others and by what we’re taught… we judge others based on the judgments we hold within ourselves. Often, we’re not even conscious the judgment we hold is on ourselves. I’ve seen many situations where someone had a very low self-esteem without any determining external factors in their current life; yet, on exploration and the continual releasing process of the person, they came to understand the extreme self-judgment and beliefs of lack of worthiness came from self-judgment due to experiences in other lives. Many who are activists in certain areas… were what they consider the actual perpetrators in other lives, their self-judgment causing them to go to the other extreme in this one.

In the healing/releasing process of remembering our natural, Divine State, what’s the most important, FIRST AND FOREMOST, is releasing the need to judge or be judged; to value the Self based on the judgment of others (it’s none of our business what others think of us… because ultimately what they think of us is only where THEY are on their journey); to remember that judgment and duality is simply illusion, and to understand from the perspective of higher consciousness that there’s a purpose for EVERYTHING that we create in our multi-reality. It’s when we can accept all as part of the Divine, as part of the illusion, and that there is no real “right/wrong,” “good/bad,” but only degrees of the illusion of separation that we have created, that we can release judgment, look at ALL of what holds us back… and finally RELEASE it, however it’s been manifested into our reality… release those partitions we’ve created that prevent us from remembering that we are ALL the Divine, 100%… and remember the bliss of the whole, around us and within ourselves (and that there’s no difference between the two).   

~ Angela Beyer Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression