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May 15

Spirituality in Trips to the Grocery Store

One of the many ways that my Trinity Energy Progression practice has helped me change is how I experience my trips to the grocery store. I use to view these trips as another errand that I didn’t particularly enjoy. First, there would be the crowded parking lot, the initial glimpse of the extra time (I …

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Jun 21

My Pet Peeves

Is “petting your peeves” distracting you? A humorous reflection of these “ego pets” by Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator Sandi Newton…

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Jan 21


Getting past fear is quite a deep part of the human experience. We can cower to it or we can face it and dissolve it away. Trinity Facilitator Sandi Newton discusses her personal experience with fear as part of her spiritual development… and asks, what does it mean to you?

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Aug 15

House For Sale: 4-2-2, 2 Living Areas, Fenced Yard

© Feverpitched | Dreamstime.com - Sold For Sale Sign Over Clouds, Grass And House Photo

Our spiritual development includes expanding our “house”… to one without walls. A personal experience…

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