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Nov 16

Going Beyond!

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately about “going beyond.” What does it really mean? Is it going beyond the ordinary? Going beyond normal? Going beyond limitation? Perhaps it is those things. And perhaps it is much more than all of these things put together. We have a tendency to see only what we can see …

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May 05

Through the Eyes of Love (True Love)

Have you ever considered who in your life really loves you? Who loves and appreciates you for exactly who you are, with NO conditions and NO strings attached? Can you think of anyone? Many of us can think of a few people who at least partially fit this description, and yet not fully. Most love …

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Oct 17

There’s Magic All Around… Do You See It?

How many times have you gone outside to see magic in your environment? The wonders and miracles of everyday life, that is. It’s really all around us all the time, yet so many people miss it. I can step outside my front door right now and find at least a dozen magical encounters at my …

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May 10

Life is a Gift- A Present From You!

Have you ever thought about your life as a gift? As a one-of-a kind present given to you from your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness? A personal perspective from Trinity Facilitator Sandy Anthony…

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Dec 21

Celebrate Life this Festive Season (and ALL the Time)!

How are you progressing through the end-of-year holiday season? Are you able to celebrate life, and enjoy every moment? Can you let go of that which doesn’t serve you? Look at the vibrancy… a perspective by Trinity Facilitator Sandy Anthony.

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