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Mar 22

Creation – The Cellular Connection

  The origin of the word create is Latin meaning “to produce.” But it’s the Late Middle English definition, “form out of nothing,” that I prefer, because it sums up my feelings about creating, creation and creativity. It all comes seemingly from nothing. Or does it? Today, in my opinion, creation takes the form of …

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Apr 25

Remembering the Peace Within

As we remember the peace within each of us, it begins to reflect outward into the bigger picture, the bigger picture of the wholeness. Each of us is a reflection of the wholeness. Just as each drop of water reflects the sun after a rainstorm, we reflect the wholeness.

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Dec 10

Flame of Wholeness

The moment we remember all as whole on our journey… a poem by Trinity Facilitator Sarah Avignone.

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Jun 23


The concept of “graduating” fuels our cycle of conscious creation. It allows and supports completion, the clean slate many long for to begin anew. Woohoo! Now that’s something to celebrate!

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Mar 23

Living Ascension

It all resonated with me. Little did I know that was the easy part of this journey. I realized that in order to truly step into who I am, I have to really know who I am. I have to put my self out there. Everywhere. Step out of the spiritual closet. All the way, not just with close friends and family, but with everyone. Facebook friends, Linked-in people, strangers, neighbors, and anyone who would stay and listen to what I had to say. Oh, then there’s what I have to say. What is it?

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