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Dec 08

Shining Your Light for Others

(Reposted with permission from Ann’s Website, Omnigirl.net) You always give love to others and try to support them,  but one of the most important things you can do for others is to love yourself. When you totally accept who you are and forgive yourself for perceived wrongdoings in the past, you can truly start loving …

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Aug 08

Balancing Hunting and Having (and Do I Deserve It?)

© Mikaelmales | Dreamstime.com - Silhouetted Wolf Hunting At Sunrise Photo

The things I like (mostly music, a few TV series), I like to collect. I’m a moderate completist. I like to have everything by a band and listen to their creative arc over and over. I have a few friends who are just as nutty as I am about this and we can talk about …

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Sep 14

It’s a Process

“I want to be psychic!” “I want to be able to heal this” “I want this pain to go away”. Many, that begin or wish to expand the spiritual part of their life, want or expect things to happen in particular ways. When I began my journey, I wanted many of the same things. I wanted to be able to “see visions” and “talk to spirits”…

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