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Apr 06

To Each… Their Own Journey

My awakening started 3 years ago. However, when I say those words, I know that this has been coming for many, many years before that pivotal moment 3 years ago. It was more than just a realization for me. It was a deep pull inward that kept calling me to pay attention to it. My …

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May 17

The Cosmic Breath of Life

We are One in the cosmic breath of life… a poem by Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator Sevi Costaras.

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Jul 01

All That I Am

Silence In your stillness I surrender all things Light In your warm embrace I let go all shadows Heart In your space I give love all to feel Perception In your infinite gaze I see clearly all beauty Patience In your temperance I wait all to manifest Darkness In your depths I acknowledge all your …

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Apr 04

Sweet One

In the days that swept us
In the nights that kept us
Dreaming of things to come

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