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Nov 02

Navigating This Shift… to ME

We have definitely shifted into a different space. The trip I took to Mt. Shasta in September was so powerful that I haven’t been able to fully return into my former home reality. I no longer feel like there is a specific place that I can call home. I keep longing for something that I can’t put …

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Dec 28

Today is Blissful

Recently, I was walking my two male Dachshunds as I do most days. I had already walked my Border Collie and two female Dachshunds.  Courtney, the senior girl and self-proclaimed “Queen”, was riding in her “moveable throne or carriage”, otherwise known as a dog stroller.  Since the dogs have access to the backyard via a …

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Oct 21

Trinity Chamber: “Our Virtual Happy Place”

Recently I went into the “Trinity Chamber” which is a virtual “happy place” for Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioners.

We can go in there for meditations, or anytime we want to. We can meet our Guides and Angels, or just hang out. Everybody sees or feels their Trinity Chamber differently.

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Sep 29


When I wrote this poem years ago, I could only imagine life beyond my unhappy hamster wheel. Now I know how beautiful it is to release the dysfunctional patterns, relationships, jobs and unnecessary burdens that defined my existence.

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Aug 19

“Trinity” State of Mind

I find myself repeating the same story over and over and realized it was worth writing down.  So here it is! I started my Trinity Energy Progression™ training in November, 2012. I have had many years of training in other energy modalities and this one seemed to speak to me; no, it actually screamed to …

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