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Stillness and Silence

TammyTBlog0516Day turns to night, as the sun goes down
Stillness and silence, a retreat with no hurry
To rest, to take time, to stop, to recover
From everyday life, to give meaning, to rediscover
The important things in life, the people, the passion
What makes it worth living, the reason for laughter
So take the opportunity, or manifesting it is better
A vacation from sorrow, all thought and regret
For time to stand still, no harbor, no net.

I could sit for days, not talking at all
Taking time to reflect, to counter the negative
Absent from heartache, absent from worries
I must go within to reap the full benefits
To be quiet, to feel peaceful, no hurries.

I need to be still, my spirit it seems
Must I go to this extreme
Could it be different and how
To stay present in this moment
No longer to return, once gone
There’s no going back, no rewind, I must pause
To be still, to be silent
Mind, body, spirit.

Tammy Taylor









Tammy Taylor
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

All That I Am

In your stillness
I surrender
all things

In your warm embrace
I let go
all shadows

In your space
I give love
all to feel

In your infinite gaze
I see clearly
all beauty

In your temperance
I wait
all to manifest

In your depths
I acknowledge
all your sides

In your eyes
I see you
all of you

and I LOVE YOU dearly.

Sevi Costaras





Sevi Costaras
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression™