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It’s a Process

Hands release 1 dove“I want to be psychic!” “I want to be able to heal this” “I want this pain to go away”.

Many, that begin or wish to expand the spiritual part of their life, want or expect things to happen in particular ways.

When I began my journey, I wanted many of the same things. I wanted to be able to “see visions” and “talk to spirits”.  Also, I had recently gone through an experience that had caused a lot of deep soul pain to surface. “I want this pain gone now!” I would think to myself.

In my experience, although issues are able to be instantaneously released, these issues take time to heal. It depends on how deep they are, and how many agreements, beliefs, or contracts that you have that cause you to hold onto the issues causing the pain or discomfort.

I spent at least a year in deep soul pain because it was on such a deep level; it often came in waves. Some days, I would be depressed but able to function. Other days, I would barely be able to function normally. I would have to excuse myself to the rest room and cry at least every hour. I began getting frustrated that it wasn’t all healed. I was upset that when anything reminded me of the trauma; I would feel as if I was right back where I started.

Turns out this was because although I was healing, it was slowly. I wasn’t able to see the changes day by day. But, if I ever took the moment to look back a month, or a couple months, I would notice a significant difference. I would look back in my journal and read some of the older entries. I would think to myself “wow, I was really messed up, I am so much better now.”

I also recall being obsessed with answers, and visions that other people would have while doing Trinity Energy Progression™ sessions on me. I would hang on every word. I was so obsessed with the person that had caused the trauma. “Will everything be ok? Will we be friends again!? Should I call them?” I would ask these questions every day. I was obsessed with this person and obsessed with everything working out right then and there.

I had to realize that it was because of my own lack of self love. I did not love myself enough and felt that I had to get it from others. I began working on that core issue. I also discovered that I had many walls that I had put up to protect myself. Part of the pain was from the walls being taken down. This can be very scary and painful for those that aren’t aware of what it happening. I recall felling as if I was being backed into a corner (emotionally), even though everything in my physical life was fine. Many things began changing. Slowly at first, but the more time went by, the faster the changes and healing occurred. My habits changed, my way of thinking changed, and even my reaction to things changed.

I also learned, that it is okay to “not be okay”. When things came up, I would often become upset; and, I was upset for being upset, which only escalated the problem. I would be upset for being angry or sad or afraid. Now, I understand that it is okay. When things like that come up, it is so it can be healed. I am now able to look at it without giving it power, and without it influencing my behavior (for the most part). I even find that it takes too much energy to stay mad or upset.

I have also been able to “see” as others have, such as psychic visions while doing Trinity Energy Progression sessions. I have also been able to mediate much more easily. This, indeed, took some time and practice.

So, if you are becoming frustrated or tired that you have not obtained the results that you want from this work, then take a moment to look back, and truly see how much you have changed. It is okay to “not be okay”. Be kind to yourself. It is a process and it is different for everyone.

Ashley Warren





Ashley Warren
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression