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Stillness and Silence

TammyTBlog0516Day turns to night, as the sun goes down
Stillness and silence, a retreat with no hurry
To rest, to take time, to stop, to recover
From everyday life, to give meaning, to rediscover
The important things in life, the people, the passion
What makes it worth living, the reason for laughter
So take the opportunity, or manifesting it is better
A vacation from sorrow, all thought and regret
For time to stand still, no harbor, no net.

I could sit for days, not talking at all
Taking time to reflect, to counter the negative
Absent from heartache, absent from worries
I must go within to reap the full benefits
To be quiet, to feel peaceful, no hurries.

I need to be still, my spirit it seems
Must I go to this extreme
Could it be different and how
To stay present in this moment
No longer to return, once gone
There’s no going back, no rewind, I must pause
To be still, to be silent
Mind, body, spirit.

Tammy Taylor









Tammy Taylor
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

The Void

O ld
I  dentity

Yes! The void… another puzzling four-letter word! Google defines it as a “completely empty space”. But for the common folk, it’s plain frustrating!

There is no doubt that when you begin your “awakening process” you want to get through to the other side ASAP! Time to see the lessons, plow through, write them off as LEARNED and be DONE with them…

Then walks in Mr. Void. Suddenly, we freeze and have no desire to do anything, not even move forward nor backwards! The world becomes fuzzy, your memory is stifled despite the 1,000 milligrams of ginseng you took in the morning. Your get-up-and-go got up and went. Meditating may even become difficult. Losing ground is a common occurrence during the void and you may feel neither here nor there. You become withdrawn, heavy, and for many, anti-social! Dazed and confused. You just do not know if you are coming or you are going! Mood swings are the norm and even talking becomes tricky!

Been there, done that! Several times… Fun times, pulling out my hair trying to make sense of it all. I’ve had the chance to become superb at recognizing when the void shows up and I hope this will help you understand just how perfect the void actually is!

Learning to work with the void is challenging and a necessary step in our evolution as ascended beings. Believe it or not, this is actually the time that the body opens up fully to record the downloads it has been receiving and the vibration naturally sets in to raise our frequency. In other words, we get our antennae (for some it may feel like we are growing antlers) and we will soon be able to detect what will make us feel more whole! It’s the great state of transition and change and it brings the gift of allowing and recognizing all those new possibilities you thought about before the void hunkered you down.

How do we get through the void? Patience, patience, patience! Silence, stillness, and maybe a box of Godiva chocolates. Realize that this is the dimensional shift that actually puts us in gear to take off to create our new “realities”. The old self and ways are no longer useful and are actually leaving your vibration for good ….. dying may be a happier explanation.

Nature has been my best ally during the void along with a sea salt bath which seems to help relieve any physical pain I may experience. Looking at trees and listening to their song reminds me that we need to take that time to contemplate the beauty and listen for that inner song that brings out the beauty in our BEings. Take a day or two off from work and walk in nature. Honor yourself to escape the craze and get in tune with your new vibration. Sleep, nap, daydream. Ground yourself several times a day and imagine you are as big and strong as a deep-rooted, twenty-foot wide oak. Drop a grounding cord from your tailbone and take deep breaths. Open your solar plexus and let the light in to get your power back.

Now when the void arrives, I get excited because I know I can have “me” time without any excuses! I know I am receiving the upgrades that are going to take me to new heights and my head is happy because I leave the hair in… Out with the old, in with the NEW! And remember, a Trinity Energy Progression™ is always there to help you raise your light if the void gets a little dark.

Embrace change!

Unconditionally, Lovingly yours,

Nicole Camilleri




Nicole Camilleri
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression

The Beauty and Perfection of the Void

Anyone who knows me knows my mantra: “Remember how to quiet the chatter and look within” … yes, which DOES translate to some form of meditation! However you choose your journey, whatever “flavors of ice cream” you choose to help you along the way, THE most important part is simply the basic exercise of quieting the chatter of the mind/ego and remembering to be aware of what many call “the void.”

Sooo… often, when someone starts to meditate (which may be homework from a session with me), even though I may emphasize that the KEY is the quiet – aka “the void” – they’ll come back to me a few weeks later and tell me that they were disappointed with their results, because though they did experience a sense of peace and quietude… that was it. My response, to their surprise: “PERFECT!”

I’ve had a client come back to me and tell me that although they just had that experience of “the void” in their meditation – even if they asked for the answer to a question – they did notice that several hours later, they would be in a car driving somewhere, and BAM! There would be their answer. They asked me what they were “doing wrong.”

Expectations, expectations, expectations…

When someone tells me they “can’t meditate”… I simply tell them they haven’t found the way that suits them best yet; and/or they have too much of an expectation of “what’s going to happen.” Often, progress includes focus on releasing expectations, and a continued focus on finding a suitable form of meditation to allow “the void.”

This is important because a large part of the ego’s role in this existence of duality has been to explore individuality and separation. Thus, all energies and emotions around that – which includes fear, anxiety, resentment, regret, anger, guilt, doubt, sorrow, and pain – are based in the ego. While incarnate in the 3D, we’ve gotten into the habit of allowing this part of our consciousness to be ruled by separation and individuality, while cutting off connection to other parts of our consciousness (especially “the Higher Self”). Part of what we’ve allowed is a LOT of mind chatter – all from the ego, all sentiments and thoughts based in separation – that we’ve forgotten how to FEEL the wholeness of who we are, ultimately including our Oneness and part of the Divine. Of course, that’s been part of the game!. Ultimately, we’ve forgotten mindfulness and presence, because all of that chatter is very rarely about what’s going on RIGHT NOW.

Many want to start to “tap in” to their inner knowledge, to their Divine wisdom, their intuitive abilities… and yet vehemently resist the basic exercise of meditating, which ultimately will help to release the habit of allowing the chatter to take over their reality. The practice of meditation, first and foremost, allows us to quiet the chatter and just BE… nothingness, in the moment, with nothing else. Part of this is because we’ve allowed the chatter to become SO loud that we can’t hear or feel anything beyond what’s being caused by the chatter.

When one can sit in that quiet, it’s the equivalent of sitting in an absolutely still house, when everyone’s asleep in the middle of the night… and suddenly, without the noise and hustle/bustle of daytime live, every creak, every tiny movement and adjustment throughout can be heard/felt…sometimes the quiet breathing of soft slumber from across the house, because it’s so quiet! Sometimes, I wonder if so many are afraid in such stillness because of the ego’s desperation to seek the chatter on the outside as much as the inside!

The point is… when we can quiet ourselves so peacefully and thoroughly on the inside… THAT’S when the Higher Self and the REST of the Universe comes through, loud and clear, in ALL ways! Want to improve your intuition, your psychic abilities? This is the way. Want to exist consistently in higher, more enlightened consciousness? Yep..

Once, I was doing a session with a Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioner who had come to me for some tune-up work.  Though she was feeling as if her practice was definitely benefiting from Trinity, she was frustrated because she wanted to “see” more. So, her intention was to release the expectations AND to release the blockages that prevented her from doing so. In the middle of the session, her etheric self turned to my etheric self and asked, “Do you mind if I step into YOU energetically?” When doing a Trinity session, the perception is that the Practitioner energetically “steps in” to the recipient fully, to help turn up the light and dissolve the limiting factors from the inside… Do this was very unusual, as I was doing a session on her, and “out there” she wanted to turn the tables.  The intention was so she could see what I could see… feel what I could feel. She did so; I could feel the quiet contemplation, and then her etheric self asked me, “Is it THAT subtle? Are the impressions and what you come to understand THAT quick?”

It wasn’t until recently that I fully realized the importance of that experience, and what it was pointing out to me: because there’s SO MUCH across the entire Universe of consciousness.  When we remember how to quiet the chatter that takes us out of the moment, and instead bask in the quietude of “the void” to allow EXACTLY what we desire to come to us in the 3D… THAT’S how we access the full Divine Consciousness. The more we clear the mind, the louder the whispers become… and the clearer a singular answer for our question becomes.

Some of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in allowing the quietude that is the whole of the Universe have been in physical surroundings that amplify this beautiful silence – at the top of Mount Shasta, California at midnight on the night of a full moon; on Kauai, Hawaii, with the waves invisibly rolling into shore in the vast darkness of the night; on a rock outcropping at Pebble Beach on Orcas Island, Washington without another soul in sight but a lone harbor seal appearing periodically to join me in the beautiful silence while floating on its back in the water; at the last moments before and as the sun peeks over the horizon … and others.

So, the next time you wake up in the middle of the night and can hear nothing but the silence – “the void” – instead of allowing the chatter of the ego to take over, instead go within, expand your heart light, listen to, and feel the stillness.

…or, you could just do a little meditation every day…  😉







Angela Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression