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May 25

Stillness and Silence

A beautiful reflection on the power of stillness and silence in presence by Tammy Taylor, Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator.

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Jun 01

The Void

Learning to work with the void is challenging and a necessary step in our evolution as ascended beings. Believe it or not, this is actually the time that the body opens up fully to record the downloads it has been receiving and the vibration naturally sets in to raise our frequency. In other words, we get our antennae (for some it may feel like we are growing antlers) and we will soon be able to detect what will make us feel more whole!

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Nov 04

The Beauty and Perfection of the Void

Often, when someone starts to meditate, they’re disappointed with their results, because though they do experience a sense of peace, quietude, and nothingness (which is what I call “the void”). My response (to their surprise): PERFECT! Why this is a crucial step to hearing, seeing, and feeling guidance from the higher consciousness…

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