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Up From the Ashes

“Whether we remain the ash or become the phoenix is up to us.”  ~ Ming-Dao Deng

I lay in bed that morning, languishing somewhere between waking and dreaming. This particular morning felt much different than all the others as I tried to navigate through the fog that was my mind. Even though I was just waking up for the day, I felt exhausted. It was the kind of tiredness that permeated every particle and fiber of my being. I somehow felt as if my spirit, my everlasting soul, the essence of who I know myself to be, was in the process of leaving my body, for the last time. My first thought was of my children. In that brief moment of quiet reflection, I decided that together they would be alright in the world without me. In desperation, I summoned my spiritual guides and angels, requesting their much needed help. I felt as though I no longer had the will, or the strength to carry on. Before I drifted back off to sleep, my last conscious thought was declaring to myself, “I surrender.”

After more than fifty years in this body, enduring childhood abuse, domestic violence, neglect, poverty, and ultimately trying to work through all of it in therapy, I had never surrendered before, I had never entirely given up – on me. A survivor, a fighter, it had always gone against my nature to admit that perhaps I could not count on myself any longer. It felt as if all of the suffering and pain had finally taken its toll. In what seemed like my darkest hour, I came to the realization that something would have to be different. I could no longer survive in the world like this.

Living most of my life in a deep state of denial, I thought about the words someone dear to me once said, “…once denial is broken, you can never go back.” I looked upon this vivid, yet surreal experience and felt such gratitude and at the same time, a deep sense of sadness that this is how it would end. The death grip I’d had on life was slipping, I could no longer hold on. I found myself in a place I had heard about but had never personally experienced. A place where one arrives, perhaps not knowing how they came to be there. A place one can only access after letting go of absolutely everything else.

My expectation was that I would drift off to sleep and not wake up. That somehow I would continue to depart my body and my spirit would exit this earthly existence.

What happened next was quite a surprise to me. As soon as I chose to surrender and let go, I heard a voice inside me say, “It’s not your time.” No words can express the relief and freedom I felt in that moment. Not only did I recognize that I was not alone, I knew from that point forward, my life would never be the same again. It was such a life changing and deeply freeing experience to finally, finally know that even when I was at my lowest point, I am not alone – I am – always here, in this eternal Now!

Tammy Taylor





Tammy Taylor
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression


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Now is the time to truly go with the FLOW and allow great things to happen in your life!!  This is actually quite easy to do if we simply ALLOW it.  It may appear difficult on the outside because we are used to following rules and regulations to the letter; and we are accustomed to reading instruction manuals and getting other people’s advice on how to do things.  We NO longer need instructions and we no longer need to listen to others.   Actually, the best answers lie WITHIN ourselves. Yes, we have all the answers we need if we simply tap into our inner guidance and allow them to come through. This is intuition.  Learn to listen…. Allow the answers to FLOW.

FLOW has now become a mainstay and a necessity in this new, incredible world….a world we are giving birth to right now in this present moment.  The more we find our flow, the more we can create amazing things that serve us in our highest and best ways.  We become connected to Spirit and divine truth.  We feel the Oneness and our Creator’s unconditional love.  We can release the old and bring in the new with more ease.  Flow, flow flow…..it is a new code for a new mode.

Finding my flow hasn’t always been easy for me.  I used to be a very devout “Type A” personality and I had a box for everything.  I was a rule-follower and I became a very rigid person at a young age; and this rigid mentality stayed with me for decades. I couldn’t get beyond I was stuck for what seemed like an eternity.  It wasn’t until I became very ill (because that’s the only way I would see that I needed to change) that I began to understand it was my “inferior” beliefs and “detrimental” patterns which were bringing me down.   I learned that they were blocking me from progressing forward and from getting where I needed to go.  The boxes were holding me back from realizing who I really was and what I was capable of doing. They affected my entire existence and I longed for a way to break through.

Trinity Energy Progression™ was the breakthrough.  It has helped me open up and release the boxes and the “instructions” that I was desperately holding onto.  I learned to trust in ways that I thought were unimaginable!  The flow is very easy for me now and it has become a way of life.  I don’t force anything and I don’t plan much ahead of time.  I only plan what is necessary and I allow the universe to line up the rest.  I no longer resist…I have full acceptance of everyone and everything.  FLOW is like a river… the river flows in a beautiful pattern every day… the water follows its own harmonic path.  It twists and turns around rocks and flora (obstacles) that get in its way. But it does not halt its movement or turn the other way.  It does not analyze its actions; instead, it transforms into a lovely stream of gentle rhythms, without a care in the world.  It bends, it twirls, it adapts, and it keeps GOING.  The FLOW continues…..
Sandy Anthony, Facilitator: Water Flow
As I stay in the flow each day, I find everything is easier and effortless.  Abundance becomes natural (in all ways) and exciting experiences are more plentiful!  I tap in every day through a Trinity meditation and I can easily identify what’s in my highest and best and what is not. I release those things that no longer serve me.  I allow them to flow out just as much as I allow the goodness to flow in.  I follow the guidance I receive and I fully trust it.  I watch for messages and I am open to receiving them in any way possible.  My intuition—which is the GPS of the soul—is always turned on.  I allow assistance, abundance, and alignment.  This is such a pleasant way to live and there are no worries. Things just fall into place!  I couldn’t design my life any better if I tried.  That’s the beauty of it all!!  So, the practice is to FOLLOW the FLOW and not to force things.  It’s more of a surrender. We will never have to force anything that is truly meant to be.

I am fluid and authentic and I feel the essence of the energetic flow.   In this way, the continuity goes on….and on….and on.  As the gentle breeze blows across my face…I can touch it, I can feel it, I am one with it…. I am in the FLOW.

Sandy Anthony
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression