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Mar 03

Priority #1: LOVE YOURSELF

The saying goes, “we are our own worst critic,” and it is so true! Now, more than ever, it’s REALLY important to shift such negativity to remember the place where we LOVE ourselves… a discussion on rediscovering self-love.

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Jan 26

To Give AND To Receive!

Much has been said about allowing ourselves to receive (which is just as important as giving), but how many of us really know how to do it? A personal contemplation on this by Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator Colby Hall…

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Dec 10

Flame of Wholeness

The moment we remember all as whole on our journey… a poem by Trinity Facilitator Sarah Avignone.

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Nov 11

Putting the Pieces Together – I’m Worth It!

Are you worth taking note of and acting upon what your Higher Self/the Universe is telling you? Are you listening? There really are SO many messages!

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Oct 08

Spiritual Wisdom: Much More Than Knowledge

Living in true spiritual wisdom goes well beyond books and the “traditional” way of thinking. A personal account from Trinity facilitator Jennifer Cunnings…

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