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Jul 21

Trust…and Breathe

Today has been a mixed bag. I have a tightly scheduled life at the moment, and today things haven’t quite gone the way I had needed – and expected – them to go. The biggest issue was computer related and completely out of my control. A computer program hosted by my work – isn’t working! …

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Nov 02

Trepidation or Trust?

Do you live in trepidation or trust? Learning to trust on the spiritual journey… an individual perspective on the experience.

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Mar 07

Let go, my Ego

An answer bubbles up to the surface and shows that I am in grief and misery and terribly miss knowing that I will forget all this. When I wake up and step into my truth and being that I am, I will have no memory at all of this dream world of this enchanted, exotic, wild, exciting, ego trip that I have been experiencing since the apple was eaten and this hallucination begun. That I hold onto. I hold onto wanting to remember this and that. Something tells me that both cannot be remembered. It feels like something of the flavor of “we cannot serve two masters.”

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Feb 15

My Story and the Universe

My life, though awesome, was extremely challenging and difficult. Every one of us has challenging lives but we all carry the baggage differently. I began working on myself with the help of my mentors and new-found soul family as well as all of my new energies that I now have as part of me. The tools are amazing and I learn new things about myself and my spiritual life every day. I started forgiving myself. and letting go of so much that I carried. These energies have allowed me to become more the spiritual person I am supposed to be. I still have a ways to go but am moving forward every day. I do trust that the Universe has my back and will guide me in all that I do; I always have even when I didn’t realize it, and that is an amazing thing to know now that I understand it so much better. The Spiritual and the Universe are amazing and will take care of us if we just trust and let it.

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