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Lost in Translation: Living Frequency (and Light Language)

Before we move into the topic at hand, and before you read on, take a deep breath… close your eyes… and allow yourself to FEEL.

Do you feel that?

It was only a few moments, and yet, as soon as I asked the question above, chances are your mind/ego did one of two things:

  1. It asked, “Did I feel what?” AND/OR
  2. It said, “Yes… I feel _____________.”
Getting Beyond Limiting Constructs

As we continually increase our remembrance and expand our consciousness, regardless of how far along “on the spiritual path” one may be, typically there is STILL some form of “analysis paralysis” – some effort to define and put constructs around every experience. At this level of consciousness, while we allow for this physical density and separation – where we forget all of this is an illusion, that we’re infinite, Divine beings, and of the same multiversal consciousness – we often overlook one of the most basic and yet most powerful fundamentals: that words and constructs of all kinds (including time and space) are our creation and born in this experience of boxes and limitations.

However, there is a commonality that exists across the Multiverse – or rather, that has by and large constructed the Multiverse – and that’s frequency.

As I understand it, frequency is basically a consciousness construct we created from the Void, in essence creating a blueprint for this entire Multiverse. We could get into a debate over whether energy came first, existed always, or whether we actually created energy from the Void’s construct of frequency… but there we go, with the mind again!

Everything as we know it, as we discover/remember across the Multiverse, has some sort of energetic frequency or vibration. In essence, everything – EVERYTHING – manifests and exists starting from the frequency at which it was created.

Even astronomers have realized that planets and moons we’ve studied exist in various vibrations. In fact, there have been videos going around via YouTube that are “sound translations” to auralize these frequencies so we can hear/perceive them in our bodies (if you’ve never listened to any of them, here’s one that does Earth and other planets/moons in our solar system).

The Music of the Spheres

In metaphysics, there’s something called Music of the Spheres that runs along this understanding: Everything in this multiverse has a frequency at which it exists, and that this uber-complex Multiverse is essentially the equivalent of one, big colossal Divine symphony. If you’ve not previously consciously heard the Music of the Spheres, go out into the Divine Consciousness – or just go out into meditation, into the silent void – and ask to remember the Music of the Spheres. It’s a phenomenal experience… because in consciously doing so, one begins to remember how to feel the exact “note” they are as part of the whole. It’s a great bedtime activity, because once I “tune in”… I just melt away, forgetting my individuation in the symphony…

We’ve created music and tones to try to replicate this here; however, with our dense, limited physical bodies (specifically the physical makeup of our ears), we only have a tiny fraction of ability to physically access a limited range of tones aurally. This includes words, sounds (as we know them) as well as music and tones.

Thus… “listening” is still a construct created by the construct of our physical bodies… limitations from limitations from limitations. It’s time to turn our attention to FEEL beyond the physical, beyond our definition of reference from the physical; to remembering our BEING a part of the symphony in KNOWING.

Frequency as Consciousness

I was recently on my annual jaunt to Mount Shasta, CA – an energetic “home” and vortex – teaching the Trinity Energy Progression Instructor class and then holding a retreat for existing instructors afterward. Every year, I build in an evening during class to do a crystal bowl event at a local crystal store in town, The Crystal Room. Bev, our enchantress, has an entire room in the back of the store with a huge variety of these amazing, uber high vibe crystal bowls. She does a phenomenal job at walking groups through allowing the consciousness of the crystal bowls to play the physicality of our bodies. It’s an amazing experience; the more conscious one becomes, the more one begins to understand the “language of the bowls” as frequencies – much, much more than sounds – frolicking and intermingling with our physicality. It’s amazing… and the more one is aware and allows themselves to be beyond words, the more one sinks into the experience, beyond what’s heard.

Heather Smothers, one of this year’s Instructor class students, purchased one of these beings after our experience together in Mount Shasta. If you click on the audio link below, you’ll experience a brief audio/video of her playing this bowl. Before you click on the play button, do what we did in the beginning: Take a deep breath, then close your eyes, and now REALLY allow yourself to FEEL free of definition. You can do it with headphones on… you can put your hand on the speaker… you can just allow the frequencies to intermingle with you.

This year, after the second night I sat through the crystal bowl event, the bowls came to “talk” to me in my sleep… and I understood them! No words or even sounds… just frequency. Yowsah… talk about powerful – and completely wordless AND thoughtless – communication!

The Relation to “Light Language”

What’s come to the surface for many most recently is the re-surgence of “Light Language” – the definition of which depends on who you ask. I’ve had quite a number of experiences, dreams, and meditations with Light Language being the method of communication… and until recently, if I tried to THINK about it… I’d draw a blank. It was when I was shown how to remember not too long ago, in a meditation, that Light Language is pure FREQUENCY, and all individuations in the Multiverse would have their own “Light Language” as we’re trying to define (and translate), that I began to recognize how to connect and understand that way.

It’s pure frequency; closest to our 100% natural state of consciousness in the Wholeness/Oneness, and it’s completely from love.

The key here is… there is and won’t be any “Rosetta Stone” for “Light Language”… because it’s different for every individual; it’s actually WITHIN. And frequency is all interconnected… so once we remember how to simply EXIST as love frequency, we connect together, to each other and to all consciousness everywhere, No words. No definitions. No “analysis paralysis”… and straight into BEing.

Transforming Forward… Living Frequency

There’s a LOT to experience around this! Whatever your individual spiritual practice, what’s most important right now is regularly accessing that BEingness free of words, free of definitions, free of analysis and explanation. It’s from there the true connection begins… and we LIVE frequency!

With much love and flow,

Angela Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression

Lowering Your Own Vibration for Others

DParent0116I went home over the holidays this recently past year (2015). I live in North Carolina, but I am originally from Massachusetts. This is the third time I’ve visited for a few days since I moved, but the first since I took Trinity Energy Progression™. I wondered how I would feel and respond to the environment that I grew up in and how it would respond to me. The most noticeable change about me was I colored my hair (the box said lavender, but it looks pink). I had my hair colored a couple of times (a more natural red) as a teenager so this is nothing new to people.

I wasn’t nervous about my trip at all. But I was curious if I’d talk about how I felt about things or not. I can be a quiet person and not throw my hair into the ring, but sometimes I will if I’m feeling it. Nothing really came up because the people who are family and close friends in MA, aren’t really spiritually minded in the way I am. What is there for some is God and fearfulness, which, to me, doesn’t add up. I accept that and don’t really see any reason to question their reality unless moved. I was not moved to do it on this trip. I did have one of the best times with my family in a long while. The previous ones have been good, but this one I laughed a lot with them.

My parents have been divorced since I was four so I’m used to two sides of my family. They are both very different. One side is quieter, more low-key. The people who married into this side are all more talkative, which balances out the quiet of that side. The other side is louder and much closer to each other. Both sides love to laugh and I had a blast with both of them. A big part of that was my own self work and what I’ve let go of.

I also visit a couple of friends every trip. I enjoy their company and that of their families. When I go to MA, I realize that all along I had been connecting to the area since I was young; the trees especially and where things happened for me. I would relive those feelings and it was always enjoyable. This trip was different. I didn’t realize how in the now I am because I was waiting for those feelings to happen, and they never really did. I felt like I just floated through the area and people of my past and present. I was still connected and enjoyed whatever happened when it happened, but after it was done, I didn’t give it much, if any, thought…unlike in the past when I would give it thought all the time. There was no nostalgia this time around.

With Trinity, some practitioners and facilitators can bring up stuff in people without even knowing them because of the difference of vibration. This happened while I was there. When something comes up, I ask my guidance; ‘Is me being around causing this effect?’ (and it’s typically affirmative). Someone got suddenly sick for a day or two the second day I was there. Another came down with a cold, and yet another reacquainted themselves with their bathroom for a day after I left.

About the third day (out of five), I noticed my throat getting scratchy. I asked if I was taking something on for someone and got ‘yes’. But I recently had this same thing happen and because I focused on it enough, it became mine, and that’s exactly what happened. I’ve had a scratchy throat before and have skipped the cold part. I didn’t this time.

When things like this happen I ask, ‘What’s the lesson here?’ Everything is a lesson! I understood that I was releasing something, and that I needed to see what it was I was releasing (which isn’t always the case)… even though that didn’t come through until I returned to North Carolina.

I often piece things together and ask yes/no questions to affirm. I thought, well, I allowed a cold to happen. I didn’t think that I “came down with a cold,” but I allowed this to happen… so why? In going back to where I grew up, I really felt the vibration of the place. It was heavy. I was used to that. So much so, I wouldn’t acknowledge heavy sometimes because I didn’t want to look at it. I notice it now, but don’t connect with it anymore. I did before. As a matter of fact, I reveled in it. I identified with it and molded myself from it. These people knew that David.

Heavy is a lower vibration. A cold is a lower vibration. For me to allow a cold means I consciously or unconsciously lowered my vibration. Because I now feel so vibrationally different from my family and few close friends I still have, I lowered my vibration and allowed a cold so I could connect with them in some way. Everyone can relate to a cold, so I chose that. Why the hell would I do that to myself? The answer was, because I feared not connecting with these people – and therefore, my past – at all.

I’ve been letting go of a lot of things and that starts to play itself out by people you know dropping out of your life for whatever reason. I am usually fine with this, because it means I don’t have to feel their energy anymore, but I still think about them and miss them while wishing them well and sending love to them.

A big part of this is accepting where others are. I grew up with personalities that are very forceful. That’s a big reason why I am not when I’m around others who are; I didn’t like it when it was done to me and yet, I can be forceful very easily. I do speak up, but I can tell if that person doesn’t want to hear what I’ve got to say. It’s the energy behind their words that speaks louder than what they say. I don’t waste my energy. That’s part of me accepting where that person is and where I am. If that same person came to me and I can feel they would be receptive to what I didn’t say before, I welcome that opportunity.

I realized that not only did I allow myself a cold from having lowered my vibration, but it also had to do with my aspirations and where I’m headed. It has stayed in my throat, and I’ve been coughing quite a lot. The other layer of this is that I’m not always using my voice. Being quiet when I know someone won’t hear me is one thing; however, not being who I truly am out of fear of rejection is another! I knew what this was pointing to: I’d been thinking about renting a booth at a spiritual festival that happens twice a year. I felt I would do it, but it was just a matter of when was I going to move on it. I made no resolutions, I just printed out the papers I needed and filled them out. Money isn’t an issue. Nothing is holding me back except myself. Even writing this is committing myself to it even more. I’ve helped at a number of these and know the gist of it. I’m better learning things one piece at a time. This is the next piece.

While talking with another Facilitator, I hit on something that’s yet another angle: I realized I expected myself to push the topic of energy work on to people back in MA. I’ve already had conversations with most about it, so there wasn’t any real reason to talk about it. So, ultimately, I went and was myself. I was completely happy with it. My ego said, ‘You have to talk about this more and be accepted by everyone.’ I’ve already done that and felt that acceptance, but that wasn’t enough. ‘Be forceful!’ my ego said. When I wasn’t, my ego said, ‘You weren’t forceful like I said and should be punished.’ So I then allowed the cold to come in. I never would’ve thought I could be exactly who I am AND be having a conflict with another part that is telling me to be the same but do it differently. Since I was going home to MA, that way of living came up: to be forceful. So, I gave myself this cold for no reason at all and yet, there is obviously a huge clearing that is happening. I carried myself like I was guided… and then punished myself for not doing it the ego’s way. I didn’t expect that kind of situation to be happening, but it sounds like something the ‘self’ from MA would do.

And while I’ve been writing this, I’ve hardly coughed. That says it all. More than any words could. That’s what I look for: something that says more than words can. That’s my truth. That’s from where I exist and manifest! The ones who do the same are the people I intend to meet and be with in whatever capacity is highest and best.

Happy New Year!







David Parent
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner