Trinity Chamber: “Our Virtual Happy Place”

Recently I went into the “Trinity Chamber” which is a virtual “happy place” for Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioners.

We can go in there for meditations, or anytime we want to. We can meet our Guides and Angels, or just hang out. Everybody sees or feels their Trinity Chamber differently. So, recently I went to the Trinity Chamber in a meditation; and I felt irritated which is very unusual for me. Something was different. It felt crowded and over-decorated by others. It seemed like people were changing the original intention of the Trinity Chamber as well as the energy in there.

I did not like what I saw or felt. I watched it for a bit and then started laughing and told myself: This is my virtual chamber; I can change it anytime I want to! It’s an illusion, anyways; and we are all One. Who am I really judging? Everybody has their own way of decorating their happy place. Immediately, I let the judgment go; and expanded my light even more. Instantly the energy changed; it felt all right, light and happy again.

Sometimes, in life when you get dragged into other people’s drama and stories. you have to tell yourself, “Not my monkey, not my circus! I can change that!” That goes for our virtual happy place, too. We can change and decorate it the way we desire it, with sparkles and sprinkles on top! You can detach from emotional drama and anything that does not suit you. You can’t control others’ behavior; but you can control the way you react to it. Always remember that nobody can decorate your own happy place. It’s your choice to create your Trinity Chamber or happy place any way your want.

Sometimes you can get caught up. You may need to take a couple of deep breaths and decide what you are going to put up with, what is acceptable, and what is not. It is your choice to accept it or to let it go. You are good enough, worthy and deserving to be happy.

Everybody can learn to detach and let go.

Don’t judge yourself or others. They are on their own journey. Just remove yourself from the situation and shine your light brightly and only allow the things that are for the highest and best.

If you feel negative energy from a known or unknown source, just send it to the light with Love, or back to their higher self. Always act out of Love. Sometimes it does not mean that you don’t love the people, or you won’t have anything to do with them; but it is for your higher good not to get sucked into drama. Respect yourself enough to walk away and go to your happy place.

We all are allowed to live our dreams and believe in Life, Light, and Love. And yes, we can all decorate our “Trinity Chamber” or happy place the way we like it!

Let your light Shine through in all that you do!

Claudia Stevens







Claudia Stevens
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression

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