Trust…and Breathe

ColbyFlowersToday has been a mixed bag. I have a tightly scheduled life at the moment, and today things haven’t quite gone the way I had needed – and expected – them to go. The biggest issue was computer related and completely out of my control. A computer program hosted by my work – isn’t working! When this happens, I at once feel angry and heated and frustrated and stressed. Yes, all of those things at once. It throws off my whole schedule, you see. If I’m not able to work during these hours, I don’t know how I’ll be able to get all of my other commitments done. I’m limited both by the set hours that I am actually able to work on the other commitments and by the number of hours in a day. Not to mention my own needs such as sleep and retaining my sanity. So this morning I let my emotions well up and I indulged in them for a few minutes. Then, I stopped.

I took a breath.

I reminded myself that these types of issues have arisen in the past, and I’ve dealt with them.  The world hasn’t ended.

In the past, when I’ve accepted what has happened and trusted that it will all work out, it has. I’m sure it will again this time. When you truly surrender your worries and trust that it will all work out, the Universe has a miraculous way of making that happen. I’ve given up trying to know how it will all work out, or planning what I can shift around to “make” it all fit into my week. I’ve stopped having that panicky feeling and tightness of chest; instead, I am grateful for the day and the unexpected break it has given me. I could certainly choose to feel all of those unpleasant feelings again and worry and fret over the situation, but I would rather choose the peace and calm of not knowing how it will all work out and yet trusting that it will. Now I have time to do some things that I didn’t think I would be able to do this week, such as read a book I’ve been wanting to read! I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my cat, feeding nuts to the squirrels, and watching the baby birds hop around my patio. I would have missed all that if I had spent my time worrying and fretting.

So if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, stop and take a breath. Become still and go within. Allow yourself to completely surrender your worries, fears, and anything else that comes up for you. Trust that everything will work out. Understand that you may not know how this will happen, but that you don’t need to know. When you’ve reached the point that you completely trust that things will be okay, go enjoy the rest of your day with the knowledge that it is being taken care of for you.

As for me, my computer program still isn’t working, so I’m going to go plant some flowers and be happy.  It will all work out fine. Thank you, Universe!











Colby Hall
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

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