Who I Am?

Over the past several weeks or maybe months, I, along with many others, have aligned with the intentions to release several major partitions within myself.

First, I focused on my feelings of responsibility for those close to me, including their healing and spiritual paths. I released those feelings of responsibility and obligation, allowing them to be responsible for their own journey. On the heels of that clearing came the need to release my judgments of everything, including those around me on their spiritual path and journey.

Next came my acceptance of the shadow side of the light and the role I played in unleashing this shadow side into this version of duality. That caused a revisit to the release of judgment again; but this time of myself! Somewhere in here came the release of all the stories I carried. I understood I could not continue to carry these stories and align with the Divine within me.

Now this latest one is the real deal. Releasing the original split of myself. Going all the way, as high as it goes, to release this huge partition. Initially, I felt such a relief. I understood how we were doing everything differently this time. It felt so freeing. I no longer felt defined by anything. No stories to remember, no history to atone for, no roles to limit my behavior. What’s not to love about that?!

Then it hit me…without all of the responsibility, stories, guilt, judgment, and roles, who am I now? What is left? I feel like my mind/ego successfully maintained a rigid maze that I was allowed to explore and occupy and even expand as needed. My light could fill and even overflow this maze without any issue. It was Me. I mindfully managed Me.

My maze is now gone! My light has no impediments, no limits. I no longer am able to be mindful of Me! In order to fully embrace this latest clearing, I must be “heartful” not mindful of everything. There is no need for definitions, limitations, or distractions. There is no hole to fill. I am the divine Being of light. The Universe. All of it. So, to answer the question above, who I Am? “I Am”!

Sarah Avignone






Sarah Avignone
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression

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