Classes in Higher Consciousness

Experience Higher Consciousness

Interested in greatly enhancing your consciousness, come into full realization (“enlightenment”), and/or helping those around you, the world, the Multiverse? Join us for one of our offerings:

Trinity Immersion Retreat – Orcas Island, WA, October 2021 (for practitioners only)

Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator Class – Become an Instructor! (for practitioners only)


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For Current Trinity Practitioners and/or Facilitators Only

  • Trinity Immersion Retreat – Orcas Island, WA 
    Are you ready to flow to a new level of expanded consciousness in a nourishing portal with nature, whales, and rest?

Join in on a refreshing, cleansing immersion weekend at another magical portal hidden in plain sight… Orcas Island, WA!

All Trinity practitioners are welcome! Spend a long weekend with soul tribe of like heart to be immersed in Oneness and Wholeness to clear the way ahead during this hugely shifting time. 4 solid days of focused inner work complemented by powerful, “new world” vibrations in nature! This will include collective group work together, along with individual focus.

These immersion retreats are a great getaway from the day-to-day to prioritize the shifting of your consciousness and understandings with a group of others who “speak the same language.” They always have long-reaching, shifting effects on the lives of participants!

Dates: October 21-26, 2021

Personal investment: $1,200


    • 4 days of focused inner work with Trinity Originator Angela Coulter
    • Transportation to/from Orcas Island, WA from SEA-TAC airport;
    • Ferry
    • Lodging
    • 1 whale watching tour (pods of Orcas live around the San Juan Islands year-round)
    • Nature hikes to key points on the island

Additional costs: airfare, food, souvenirs

Deposit: $300 due by June 15th

Remainder: 3 payments of $300, due July 15th, August 15th, and September 15th (or sooner)

  • Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator Class
    Are you a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner, and are ready for the next huge leap in quantum consciousness, while helping others tap into their infinite power of Divine Consciousness, and adding to your own prosperity? Become a Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator, where you can teach, teach, teach and enjoy the thrill of watching others step fully into their power, as you step into yours!

There will be a Facilitator Class held later in 2021; if you’re interested, the time is NOW to reach out and discuss this possibility with Angela Coulter, Originator of Trinity Energy Progression. Class will be planned based on interest, so reach out today