There are many types of sacred “trinities” interspersed throughout our Multiverse. One of the many, many considerations of the term “sacred trinity” is the representation of completion: duality (2) and singularity (1) together in Wholeness/Oneness (2+1=3).

Trinity Energy Progression™ is a rapidly emerging, infinitely expansive, consciousness-accelerating, advanced ascension tool, energy healing modality, psychic/intuitive development process, and a holographic and wholistic way of being to help us to remember that all in separation is illusion, that within this Multiverse of separation and duality of varying degrees, it is simultaneously all inclusive of the Oneness/Wholeness – Divine Consciousness, God, Source, Spirit, All That Is, among many other terms – and that all is accessible of the Oneness/Wholeness from within.

The practice of Trinity Energy Progression was brought into remembrance and existence from Higher Consciousness in Fall of 2011 to the originator, Angela Coulter, who had the understanding to take it and run with it, QUICKLY, to support our rapid evolution, to share and teach it as a tool and practice available to anyone who is ready, willing, and able to take quantum leaps in their Remembrance, well beyond what has been utilized here in the 3/4D for many eons. She began teaching it in January of 2012, to support the full spectrum of those who have been on the “active spiritual path” for decades (including existing professional spiritual/energy healing/psychic practitioners) to those who have just newly Awakened to their expanded consciousness. Today, there is a solid base and rapidly growing community of practitioners and instructors to support the collective progression of the evolutionary process.

One of the most supportive parts of the Trinity practice is that it continually evolves as we evolve. The entire fabric of the practice and community supports one to soar beyond tradition, ceremony, ritual, and the externally focused teachings and beliefs that declare access to the Divine Consciousness is an attainment vs. a remembrance. It helps the individual to vastly accelerate their journey within to go quickly beyond “healing,” awakening, and psychic ability to a functional, useful, and practical state of remembered enlightenment, pure creation, and authentic freedom.

This is a practice of completion; it’s a full-spectrum, comprehensive way to evolve quickly and embrace a whole new level of magical existence that serves both the individual and collective from a basis of unity and unconditional love.

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