About the Originator

Angela Coulter is an awakened voice of Divine Consciousness whose primary role is to ring the note of Awakening and Remembering to all via her vibration, words, and actions through the communication and implementation of ideas and practices fully supportive of this.

She lives an existence of constantly expanding Remembrance that was greatly accelerated to the “fast track” in 2009, with the message (similar to the message for many others) of “Get moving; there’s much to do!” It was soon after that that she was frequently visited by many others who have served as iconic voices of such Divine Consciousness throughout eons of the Earth existence, to nudge her to Remember the much, much bigger picture.

In this, she was “untrained” in seeing things from 3D consciousness and “retrained” to understand from the holographic Multiverse in its Divine Wholeness. In the autumn of 2011, the epiphany of the Trinity Energy Progression practice came to her, and she was guided to put it together and begin teaching it in January of 2012! The purpose of the practice, as she understands it, is to go beyond where we’ve allowed ourselves to go before collectively in consciousness, supporting the metaphysical shift in our collective (and individual) resolution and evolution, and helping others to exponentially accelerate the Remembrance and Realization of their own “Divine Note,” becoming completely IN-dependent via their own guidance on a blissful journey Home, in wholeness.

This is her passion!

As she recognizes all around her as the same Divine Consciousness embodied in a “unique note” – and recognizing and knowing that all are ultimately One – she dedicates her life to holding this space/vibration of nudged Remembrance with others, Remembering the power of unity and unconditional love, Remembering how to practice, BE it in every moment… and living a life of true magic, freedom, infinite ability, and bliss!

She travels the world with this intention, in this vibration, and is exuberant as she encourages and observes others around her Awaken to this within themselves – “nudging” them, speaking, instructing, as guided – and seeing them transform and bloom in the Remembrance of complete self-empowerment.

Before Trinity Energy Progression came to her to share as completeness, she was trained (and in many practices, trained others) in a variety of energy healing modalities and intuitive practices, including Usui Reiki, Archangelic Light, Shamballa 15D Healing, ThetaHealing, shamanic work (including gifting and teaching the Munay-Ki rites of the Ancient Incan Shaman), crystal healing, past life regression, meditation, and other pieces. She is also an ordained interfaith minister of the Order of Melchizedek.

With Trinity Energy Progression, she has extended her existence in Consciousness well beyond where most existing practices go, simultaneously supporting others in allowing the path to Realized, Ascended Remembrance to be all-powerful in an easy, simple, and direct way… available for everyone who is ready, willing, and able to take the ball and run with it!