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Celebrate Life this Festive Season (and ALL the Time)!

ColorfulSandyAre you celebrating life this year, this season, this week?  Do you see life as one big party and a nonstop adventure?  If the answer is no, my question to you is “why not?”  Life is meant to be celebrated… to be lived to the fullest and to the fullest extent of joy and happiness.  It’s not just for the holiday season, even though most people do tend to get jollier in the month of December.  Think of when you were a kid—were you not happy?  Children are naturally joyful beings and they don’t know a different way (at least not typically).  They intuitively understand that they are here to be happy and they have a natural enthusiasm for life.  They want to thrive!  That’s why many adults love being around children–they make them feel youthful again and it helps them remember what it was like to be a bouncing ball of energy.  Even if kids have a rough day, they know how to bounce back quickly.  It doesn’t take long to see the return of a smile on their face.  Ahhh, that’s because they have resiliency…they know tomorrow will be another day.  In fact, it doesn’t even take until tomorrow for them to get into a better mood; they are usually cheerful within the hour. Lol!  Again, this is because they innately KNOW they are here to be happy and that life is meant to be enjoyed every day.

I attended a very unique holistic fair recently, and in fact, I even had a booth in it.  It’s called the Holistic Festival of Life & Wellness.  The name alone implies a life-enhancing, life-giving event.  It was filled with life in so many ways, even down to the marketing materials. The flyers were created with bright, vibrant colors and the words almost jumped off of the paper. There was so much positive energy exuding from the flyers that I knew this was a festival for me.  I could feel the energy and the intentions of the creators; I could feel the love and unity and the celebration. Regarding the actual event, the room was packed with dynamic practitioners and professionals who were passionate about sharing their services and products—many of which had left a dull and stressful job to do what they love to do most.  It was so refreshing to see the smiles on their faces as they stood behind their booths eagerly waiting for people to stop by eager anticipation.  Not only was this gratifying to watch, but I was also one of these excited vendors there to celebrate life.  I had left a hum drum life to join the forces of the creative spiritual world to do what I loved. The stage was also filled with another type of warmth—passionate musicians and dancers.  They were incredible performers and the shows lasted ALL day long.  Featured acts included belly dancers, drummers, conscious singers, sound healers, ecstatic dancers, and comic entertainers.  The performing groups had names like Wild Sky Tribal, Little Goddess Tribe, Daisy Windsong, and Tribal Evolution. These people were authentic to who they are. They were there to thrive!  They shared their jubilant and festive spirits with one and all and it was like there was no tomorrow.  They smiled ear to ear and they lit up the room with so much love and light and amazing energy.  All I can say is Wow!  The event lasted from 10:00am—10:00pm and the entertainment outlasted the guests.  This is not indicative of people who are bored, sad, dull, or depressed.  These are vibrant souls who have discovered the magic of life and who have decided to celebrate it.

We have a choice.  We can be happy or sad, alive or bored.  We all have down days from time to time and that’s part of the human experience.  There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s important that we accept the “dark” times as well as the “light” times.  It all comes from a place of love and it was created in love.  However, we don’t have to stay down… and we don’t have to hold onto the lower vibrational experiences of life. We don’t have to be attached to them and we don’t have to exist in a hum drum or mundane state. We are allowed to and worthy to release anything that no longer serves us.  For many of us, that means releasing the chains that bind us….the chains that hold us back from living a life of abundance, joy, and freedom.  Happiness is one of the most significant contributions we can make to ourselves.  When we’re happy, we open up a vortex of well-being and it’s an avenue for all good things to flow to and through us, including abundance and optimal health. Happiness and joy are very high vibrational states.  High vibes attract more high vibes.

During this holiday season of shopping, decorating, parties, and family visits, it can be quite challenging to keep up a perky mood in the midst of family obligations and responsibilities. We’ve been conditioned that we have to do it in a certain way and that we must hustle and bustle to get it all done.  We have a conscious choice to ring in the holidays with stress or with smiles.  We are deserving of spending our days exactly the way we want to, doing the activities that we love to do and not doing the activities we don’t want to do.  This is what high vibrational living is all about and this is the meaning of true freedom. If we love and value ourselves, this is exactly what we’ll be doing…and it’s truly worth celebrating!

Life produces life.  Energy produces energy. Joy produces joy.  Like attracts like. Let’s ring in the holidays with the joy and vibrancy of life.  Emulate and embody our TRUE selves, which is complete, utter, and endless happiness.  Celebrate life like nobody’s watching and bring in the New Year with promise, hope, and trust. Is this how you would like to step into 2016??

Sandy Anthony

Sandy Anthony
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

The Silent Spaces Where We Connect

It is a pleasure to share my Trinity Energy Progression™ experience with you this week. I ask inner guidance to assist with bringing forth the perfect message for all us intending to receive.

As I connect to source within through the Trinity portal, I feel the expansion of the light clear away the rattling noise and the debris of this day and its demands. As it clears, in its place takes an awesome space of huge vast silence.

This is a silence which is very full and very deep and points to all that is true. I am lead to share this space with you, where you are connected to this space and all its gifts, just by being present to all that is between the brackets.






I breathe easy now, for words cannot fill or begin to explain what takes place in that space. All I know is that I feel so much in that space: freedom, life, love, joy, happiness, ease, grace, limitlessness, possibility, excitement, journey, adventure, beauty, imagination, flight, tingles of delight, gratitude, goodness, connectedness, and becoming to know what is.

There is so much goodness in our melding together and waking up to remembering who we are. Have a miraculous “Trinitized” week. Thank you all for being my Trinity family.

I love you,

Deena Jones






Dee Jones
Facilitator, Trinity Energy Progression