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My Pet Peeves

PetPeevesI am a dog person and have loved having dogs as pets since I was a child. They are always ready and waiting with wagging tails to be petted. I used to have a lot of peeves as pets, too, that were also always ready and waiting for me to pet them — anywhere, anytime! And they were an ever growing pack of peeves. I remember often saying: “That is one of my pet peeves.”

My peeves were there for me to pet in the car while I was driving. For example:

  • Tailgaters when you’re going faster than the speed limit, or those really slow drivers in the fast lane;
  • Turn signals on the car in front of you staying on FOREVER (or drivers who don’t use a turn signal at all);
  • Litterers who throw trash from their car window as they drive.

My peeves were with me when I went to the movies and restaurants and shopping:

  • Squashed cigarette butts outside of entry doors into a building (because no smoking allowed inside??);
  • Parents bringing their pre-schoolers to R-rated movies (because they are too young to understand??);
  • People repeatedly hitting the elevator button (to make the elevator arrive sooner??);
  • Making a sucking noise with a straw to get that very last drop (or all those drops after the very last drop??);
  • Drivers parking their cars across 2 parking spaces (for those needing more personal space for their beloved vehicle??);
  • Wobbly tables at restaurants (to keep you moving until you leave??);
  • Movie talkers, or super noisy eaters during a movie (food, friends, entertainment – what a great socializing opportunity??).


Of course, they lived with me at home, too:

  • Coming home to a house smelling like trash that should have been taken out yesterday;
  • A topless toothpaste tube now full of dried toothpaste;
  • No extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom;
  • An empty carton in the refrigerator…

I’ll stop this particular list now as I do live by myself 🙂
As Trinity Energy Progression became more and more a part of my life, I began to ask myself what was I willing or able to do to actually stop these pesky peeves from being my constant companions. I could never see myself actually hurling an angry admonition into a movie theater audience for someone a few rows away to eat more quietly or to stop their endless talking. But that is exactly what I was doing in my head as I succumbed to the peeves’ demands to be petted without it having any effect on actually stopping their unwanted behavior.

Peeve petting was an instantaneous way to annoy myself without really trying by just looking around me. I rarely missed an opportunity to pick up stray peeves. There were so many of them that were just begging to be petted, ALL the time! Through my Trinity practice, I began to explore why I would ever want to annoy myself with this and why I continued to pick up even more peeves to pet. I realized how petting peeves could obsess me to the extent that they would become a primary focus and distraction, with me often sharing my thoughts about the annoying peeve with whomever was within earshot. I see the peeves as my ego’s pets; my ego loves this “petting.” My ego also loves “peeving” contests where “my peeve is better than yours” or having more peeves than someone else, as well as the superiority my ego feels by only petting the peeve rather than being the peeve.

Now, when I see a peeve looming in front of me or when someone comments that something is a pet peeve of theirs, my head fills with laughter at the thought of a peeve as my pet nipping at my heels and barking incessantly to get my attention so I will pet it. With the focus of Trinity Energy Progression on unconditional love and joy, I couldn’t help but see how my dogs as pets have always been “adorable bundles” (in various sizes) of unconditional love and joy. Although peeves come in many shapes and sizes as well, I see them all as rather “unadorable bundles” of judgment and negativity. I see petting them as expressions of this negativity and judgment by me as the peeve petter.

These days, I laugh at myself at even the idea of choosing to be a peeve petter instead of enjoying petting my unconditionally loving tail-wagging dog. Trinity Energy Progression has helped me remember to choose this simple joy instead of petting peeves. With a smile on my face, I am now going to pet my dog!










Sandi Newton
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Stillness and Silence

TammyTBlog0516Day turns to night, as the sun goes down
Stillness and silence, a retreat with no hurry
To rest, to take time, to stop, to recover
From everyday life, to give meaning, to rediscover
The important things in life, the people, the passion
What makes it worth living, the reason for laughter
So take the opportunity, or manifesting it is better
A vacation from sorrow, all thought and regret
For time to stand still, no harbor, no net.

I could sit for days, not talking at all
Taking time to reflect, to counter the negative
Absent from heartache, absent from worries
I must go within to reap the full benefits
To be quiet, to feel peaceful, no hurries.

I need to be still, my spirit it seems
Must I go to this extreme
Could it be different and how
To stay present in this moment
No longer to return, once gone
There’s no going back, no rewind, I must pause
To be still, to be silent
Mind, body, spirit.

Tammy Taylor









Tammy Taylor
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

The Cosmic Breath of Life

cosmic-breath-of-lifeSweet surrender
In twilight
One foot here and one on the other side…

You breathe into me
As I breathe out
The Alpha the Omega
The First and the Last…

I am born and I am born again
Cycle never ending
With breath I enter and with breath I continue…

In love I am born and in love I enter once more
Cycle never ending
In love I live and in love I breathe…

Breath you do not escape me
When the crackle claims me once more
Cycle never ending
Breathing on the other side…

Sevi Costaras









Sevi Costaras
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Life is a Gift- A Present From You!

Dancer SunlightHave you ever thought about your life as a gift?  As a one-of-a kind present given to you from your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness?  When I was young, I remember having moments of sheer excitement and joy just for being alive. There was this knowing deep inside me that another day has dawned and I have another day to live my wonderful life.  Kids love to have fun.  Each day I was seeing through a brand new lens, so each day held a new gift.  I specifically remember some pivotal magical moments in my life and they gave me great insight. As I reflect back on some of them, I see the bigger picture of my experience and how they led me back to today.

My family and I went to Walt Disney World Orlando (FL) when I was a young girl. I was young, free and looking for magic.  REAL magic. Ha, I totally believed it existed!  I LOVED every minute of Disney World and all of the characters.  I wanted to be Cinderella or Snow White.  They had it so good (that’s what the storybooks said).  They were beautiful and their lives were in perfect order.  I felt the fairytale experience and I cherished it.  I was truly hoping that the characters in Disney World itself were real, as well as the Magic Kingdom.  I was feeling the wonder of a child, the purity and fullness of the deepest depths of gratitude.  I truly believed that my dreams were coming true. I was in great awe of Cinderella’s castle and I wanted it to be my home.  I felt so free and alive. I saw the gift of the moment.

Another incredible experience was on a family camping trip to Timber Shores, located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan.  It was the most wonderful campground on the planet and a child’s complete delight.  This campground had everything a child could want—a big lake, beaches, boating, woods to explore, horseback riding, swimming pools, beach volleyball, a teen arcade, craft classes, and a nice restaurant. Even the adults called it a dream campground. Counselors came by to lead the campers in a sing-along around the campfire.  We sang camp songs while we roasted marshmallows and made S’Mores.  I remember a pivotal moment on this trip where I felt so alive. I had been taking in all of the wonderful experiences all week long and one night my family was walking around the campgrounds just for fun. It was very dark out and there were other people out walking, too. Something inspired me get up and run. I was so giddy and I had so much excitement and energy that I couldn’t wait to move.  AlI of a sudden, I just bolted.  I ran and ran and ran… I ran as fast as I could.  I ran until I couldn’t run anymore. I was on a high and it was a high for life. I felt SO alive inside and I wished I could feel this way in every moment of every day.  I saw the gift of the moment.

When I was a teenager, I became more aware of my body and the workings of it. I learned about cells, tissues, and organs and how they made up the human body.  I learned about the energy of life and the energy of cells.  My body was made up of cells and energy, how fascinating.  I had no idea what was on the inside of me before that day.  It seemed so unreal.  I always thought I was invincible and never-ending, so how could I be made of something so finite?  I grasped onto the concept of cellular life and the spark at the cellular level.  I studied science and nutrition and my understanding grew. I understood the gift of life at a whole new level, which prompted deep gratitude.  I didn’t even have to tell my body to do this stuff, it just did it.  It’s innate cellular consciousness.  I remember walking to school one day and looking at my arms, hands and fingers in intricate detail. I was admiring the artistry and the mobility of my delicate joints.  Again, I was reminded of what was going on at the cellular level and how everything magically works.  My gratitude grew and I saw the gift in the moment.

As I continued on with life, I faced many challenges and not every day was built on a bed of roses. Sometimes I got lost in the darkness and stuck in the muck…and would eventually find myself in a rut.  It didn’t feel so exciting. I would look for a permanent getaway–a free ticket to fairyland to melt my troubles away! That’s why Disney World was so attractive to me as a child. However, instead of dwelling in lack, I decided to look through a different window and to allow a new thought to permeate. How do I create a new reality that I truly enjoy?  Answer: by seeing life as a gift! It’s a present to me by me. I recalled the gracious gift of life I had as a child–and the beauty it brought forth– I could feel a sudden spark of joy.  I felt it in my cells and the space between my cells. Truth calling out to me and asking me to remember the gift of life that began as a child. And to see the rainbow after the storm. All of life’s experiences are good….they are wonderful and divine.  The “good, the bad, and the ugly.”  Yes, it’s truly a gift when one understands this truth.  Each experience is part of the soul journey.

All of this participation brings me to today. Our lives are built by our days and by our wonderful moments. Today is a new gift and a new opportunity for all of us. We can create in every moment of every day.  As we merge into tomorrow, here are some suggestions to keeping your days alive and full:

  • Notice the environment you’re in and observe how you feel. How alive you feel inside. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like—it can be sunny or cloudy, rainy or clear. You’re alive and that’s what counts!
  • Reflect on the magical moments that made up your day.  What was great about the day? What happened, who did you talk to? What did you get excited about? What are you grateful for? Who do you love? Who appreciates you just the way you are? What ideas do you have that spark excitement? Sense everything about your day. Create the emotion you want to feel. What do you see, what do you hear, what do you taste? Take it all in, the taste of life.  Feel the heartbeat of life and become sensitive to all that is around you. It’s another day to be alive, to give, to feel, to grow, to enjoy.  Live, laugh, and love.  Turn up the juice and feel the magic. Love this day because opportunity abounds.  Live with passion and purpose. Your life is a gift, it’s a present from you!










Sandy Anthony
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner

Remembering the Peace Within

sun reflectionsI see the earth as a living being, Mother Earth. With all of her inhabitants being passengers…and even parasites at times. Our relationship with her is symbiotic: If one suffers, we all suffer. We all know this. Science explains this in minute details! Philosophers have talked about it for ages.

If I focus on this concept and allow the true meaning to flow forward, I can see the interconnectedness of everything. Every facet of my reality has meaning and messages for me. I designed it that way!  I see each person as a reflection of the world they have created for themselves with their messages and meanings. And then as we connect each person to the next and we have a bigger picture of this reality, it has meaning and messages for those contributing to its design. So as we move farther and farther out, bringing us a bigger and bigger picture, the meaning and messages are for a bigger and bigger audience. You get the picture I’m painting here!

So if I believe the above is true, the inverse must be true too. The messages and meanings from the bigger perspective must have meaning for me too. Appearing on a grand scale or up close and personal in my day-to-day life. Struggle and strife in the world reflects struggle and strife in the individuals. This is where I find the opportunity to remember. To remember I am all of this: beauty, ugly, weak and strong. Loved and unloved. In this remembering, there is a sense of peace that I haven’t found anywhere else. A peace that means the struggle and longing are over, we are done, we have it all. We are it all and it is perfect! As we remember the peace within each of us, it begins to reflect outward into the bigger picture, the bigger picture of the wholeness. Each of us is a reflection of the wholeness. Just as each drop of water reflects the sun after a rainstorm in the picture above, we reflect the wholeness.
Sarah Avignone, Trinity Instructor

Sarah Avignone
Trinity Energy Progression Instructor