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Time to (Let) Go…

This week, my family and I are moving to a new house. I’m VERY excited; LOVE the new house, and am HUGELY grateful for how this all came together!

Our house of 22 years is being torn down by the DOT to put a road through it.

Now, don’t judge the DOT… that’s what so many jump to right away. In all reality, the road they’re expanding to meet the road they’re putting in is VERY overdue; the traffic down that currently 2-lane road is a nightmare nightly, because it’s become a bottleneck in this rapidly growing area. In fact, when we bought our house 22 years ago, they were talking about this highway and road expansion then; it’s just been put on the table over and over… while we were able to play out a wonderful 22 years. We knew it was definitely coming three years ago, when they finally finished and began to implement the plan.

Our children are young adults now; my youngest is 21 and in her last year of college. So, actually… the timing was quite perfect, as my – our – needs and wants have changed dramatically.

I AM happily excited about it all! Quite honestly, my husband and I know we manifested this whole thing perfectly and with complete consciousness… but that’s a powerful blog for another day (and I WILL share THAT story)! It’s exciting to shed the past in its completion!

I know that I’m on the edge of the next huge level of transformation, and this is simply a physical reflection of that. I teach others about letting go, about opening ourselves to what’s next… and what’s now. Allowing. Though in many ways I’ve felt like I’ve been in stasis for the last three years, I’ve been hugely grateful for the time to mourn the “death” of our house, and in essence the “death” of a very, very significant part of my life. Since the beginning of this year, it’s been a (breathless) and very welcome shift into the engagement of change.

EXCEPT it’s sometimes a bit scary to the ego to jump into change in such a complete way, all at once… even though that seems to be the theme of my life!

The ego is still letting go of all I’ve built on within my experience, my identity, while this has been my domicile. I know that’s OK; I generally nourish and allow it, with love.

And I focus on gently, lovingly, and freely LETTING GO.

However, with that creation, there are some bumps in the road, as the ego tries to fight what it has held onto for so long. What I’ve been observing is the amazing amount of layers that were hidden under the surface of this connection.

Our home is the physical reflection of our personal and collective Divine embodiment. Flow issues? Plumbing comes up. Discomfort with yourself, as you are? Heating or air condition issues… I could go on.

And yet, it also reflects the love and energy of who we are.

The closer and closer this move has come to us, the more I have focused on gratitude for this house; for this haven of support and love for so many years of my life. So many who have come to this home have commented on how nourishing it is, how much love is there, how they just love being there. I have connected with the consciousness of the house seamlessly many, many times in gratitude, and all I feel is gratitude back.

I offered to take its consciousness with us, since it will no longer be embodied through the physicality of the house… and with love, it told me that it was ready to move on, with so much gratitude for all that we have shared. It has also provided me with a new sense of gratitude for my Self, for what I have chosen to embody, in a whole new level!

For the past week or so, I’ve been hearing its “voice” in my consciousness: “Time to go.” I realize it means both for me/us and for it.

This past weekend, I was mowing the lawn on my riding mower, doing what I’ve done a countless number of times, and I realized this was the last time I would be doing this at this house. As I rode along, with the sweet scents of familiarity surrounding me, an infinite number of flashes of memory began. All the thoughts, the meditations, the events that I reflected upon while mowing over the years – so many moments of uncertainty, discomfort, irritation, anger at something in my reality, as much as joy and excitement – that were worked out and flowed through doing this very basic task, and would ultimately calm me while bringing about the feeling of nourishment and support.

Along these flashes came tears; a final tidal wave of sadness, mourning… and a little fear of the unknown…. as excited as I am about it.

Yet, energetically reaching into the earth beneath me, I felt that nourishment and connection… I felt it all as me… and again, I understood, “Time to go.”

Time to let go of who, what, and where I’ve been, to become what I am to be, now. 

My heart exploded with gratitude in the fullness of love that has been there, that is to be, and in recognizing that it’s time to step into the wholeness of me in a whole new way without the need of this reflection back to me anymore.

Fait accompli.









Angela Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression


Going Beyond!

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately about “going beyond.” What does it really mean? Is it going beyond the ordinary? Going beyond normal? Going beyond limitation? Perhaps it is those things. And perhaps it is much more than all of these things put together.

We have a tendency to see only what we can see with our eyes, only what our senses can perceive; yet, there is so much more to this physical experience. We are all things in all ways.

When I am faced with challenges I do not understand, I am asked to go beyond. Trust the unseen. Trust what is unfolding in the invisible. There is an energy that accepts a new comprehension.

We have been versed in a lot of old programs. These programs formed at a very young age (and many lifetimes) and they have made us who we are today… or shall I say they have made us into the “illusionsary” self.  These programs will continue to shape us unless we choose to change them.

In a recent conversation with Trinity practitioners, we talked about what normal is. “Normal” is simply a word, which has an attachment to a certain definition. Having a specific definition puts it in a box and it limits our experience with it. We created words to explore communication in a separation-based paradigm. Words can have any definition we give them. If we’re going beyond, we can also take away the definition and just let them be. Words can have any energy we give them. Maybe normal is the collective of everyone’s normal… which ultimately means EVERYONE is normal. We simply have a unique, individual expressions of what that normal is! As we elevate the perception, we can feel the expanded truth. The truth holds the energy of being more than a limiting program. Our limitlessness puts it all in perspective. We are ALL of it. We’re the normal and the abnormal. We are the universal expanded view and all the players in it.

One reason the concept of going beyond came up for me is because I’ve been going through a lot of life transition.  Change and transformation have been the new reality. As I do my best to flow with change, there is inevitably some moments when I get a little tripped up. When I’m in this space of resistance, I ask myself “what is the matter?” Then I remind myself, “Isn’t this is what you’ve always wanted…what you’ve been waiting for?? To go beyond where any human has ever gone before? (IE” The reminder was followed by “Embrace it, Darling.”  And the gentle voice of the higher self said, “You know you can just let this go?”  Lol, it’s easy if we choose it to be and it’s hard if we choose it to be!

Relationships is an area that has been changing a lot for me. Attachments to some of my closest soul family has caused some grief and pain. As they come up, I am challenged to look a little deeper. What is the core to the resistance? Yep, old programs and paradigms. The ego has a firm grip on the familiar. Its former job was to keep me in a place of lack and limitation, and to zap the life out of me. It’s so easy to hang onto what used to work for so long. One habit was viewing everything from a lack mentality. As I moved into this awareness, I began facing regrets, sorrows, and a lot of “what ifs.” I recognized it as ego and unsupportive energies. It challenged me to see it in a new way. Some of the insights that came up…

Why do we do relationships the same old way over and over? Just because our parents and grandparents did it this way and passed it down to us, doesn’t mean we have to perpetuate such expectations. Many of the cultural standards of how to act in a relationship, and the boundaries therein do not define the individual authentically. There are ways to go beyond that, and if embraced, will build each person up and bring out their best selves. Cultural norms aren’t a be-all-end-all. They’re in a box, too, just like words… which means they are limiting. Anything attached to the old ways will limit us. If going beyond is doing things differently and utilizing the new energies of freedom, then it’s time to go beyond! I reassessed my vision and my priorities. I aligned myself with truth and the higher perspective, beyond fear and doubt. I made the decision to LET IT GO! In this moment, I realized there was nothing to lose and everything to gain!  I made the decision to re-invent my relationships and start from scratch. “She let go of the fear, she let go of the judgments. She just let it go!”

As worlds lift and paradigms shift, we see a new prototype forming. The architecture is a new creative force that goes beyond all of our previous structure. When we let go and trust completely (even in ways we haven’t remembered yet), we can embrace the expanded truth. This resonance comes to me as a multidimensional sparkling energy that is colorful and infinite….just my way of perceiving the energy. I captivate it at all levels and allow wholeness to infuse. This is the energetic space that binds us all together in the universality of love.

Using our internal GPS will guide us the rest of the way. TRUST is the key that opens the door.  It’s a multiplistic universe (or rather, a multi-verse).  Allow it to unfold.  Play with the possibilities!  This is where all of our dreams exist. Bliss isn’t somewhere else, it’s right here!  It’s in this multidimensional capsule of limitlessness! As I attempt to use words to describe my experience, I realize they do not even begin to tell the story.  Feel the energy of this message.  Be living frequency and be your own divine blueprint.  Allow yourself to GO BEYOND!!   Namaste and Happy Creating!









Sandy Anthony
Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner/Facilitator

Sifting Through the Stuff

ClothesI am inspired by a fellow Practitioner, who now lives across the pond and has reduced his life to the size of a suitcase. I would like to get around to something like that! The sentiment in itself promises freedom, adventure, limitlessness… and all possibilities. Though now, I feel so anxious with all my stuff. It feels like a paperweight weighing me down, preventing me from flying and being free to be my ultimate true wonderful self. Some days I just want to give it all away… but then I think I would be silly wearing the same thing every day. Not to mention having to do laundry naked would be interesting and a little terrifying!

And just thinking about all the stuff that owns me touches upon my mental hoarding mind that collects all the thoughts and attachments of how I relate and feel about stuff. I think I could be better at being a mindful momenteer if I could rid myself of all my lack luster items.

So with all my energy turned on this subject, I came across a nifty book called The Life – Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo, who shares a process about how to get rid of stuff. I have to say I am overwhelmed by the process. I thought I made it through step one where you tackle all your clothes. The idea behind step one is to gather ALL your clothes, I mean every piece from every corner, nook, basket, crevice, and cranny and place them in a pile. Then pick up each piece one by one and ask simply if it gives you joy. If the answer is no, you simply thank it for its service and put it in an appreciation stack which will later be donated to a new caregiver. The pieces which resonate joy are placed in the second pile to keep. Well… I choked to some degree. I was feeling panicky that none of my clothes gave me joy, so I created a joy scale. It was my work around to shore up and prevent a catastrophe from occurring! I was afraid that I wouldn’t own a stitch of clothing, at the rate I was going. I also discovered that most the clothes I have are to please my job. Apparently, none of my joyful clothes are not allowed at my place of work; this makes me a little sad. What to do about that, I know not the answer, yet. However, I did pack up 3 bags for the GW.  So there was SOME progress there! The process has me stalled to move onto the next step; I feel that I should do the first step over again and just let go enough to put all those non-joy giving clothes in the rightful pile. That is my next bold brave step to take… and like all fears faced, it is best to breathe easy and take one step at time.

Just talking about via this post this has lessened the anxiety… and I feel there may be a hint of excitement taking its place. This could be an adventure in itself! Thanks for giving me space to share my “stuff-lightening” journey!

Deena Jones / Facilitator

Dee Jones
Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator/Practitioner






Unclogging, Letting Go of the $*@! for 2015 (and Letting In the Magic)


Every moment… every day… every week… every month… and every YEAR leads up to the next cumulative step in our individual and collective progress. Somewhere in 2014 we hit the uptick in the exponential curve for transforming, and the speed of our shifting has just gone off the charts in the past several months!

For the end of our 2014 calendar year… I was doing a lot of what in energy healing we call “infrastructure work”… meaning, a lot of clearing at the collective/oversoul levels. And I found that for some reason, the “tipoff” would come in the form of repetition via my clients, friends… and more and more, something that would manifest with ME, in MY life. It kept on getting bigger and bigger… and I was getting more and more irritated that these “hiccups” were manifesting as such in the 3D. Why, suddenly, had my flow “gone bad”? I would have worked on and cleared the hiccup and would be fine again for a few days… flowing along… and then BANG! The next one came up. And, as we got closer and closer to the end of the calendar year, it was getting more and MORE (vs. less and less) intense. I was getting SO irritated…

A few days before New Year’s Eve, in my house, we noticed we were having some odd plumbing issues. Part of what I’d taken on was recognizing something immediately… so it wouldn’t escalate. We had a plumber come out the day before New Year’s, and snaked the house. The downstairs was fine… the upstairs was still slow. The plumber suggested we try something to help with the upstairs that wold be an “easy fix.” So, the morning of New Year’s, up to the roof my husband went.

Next thing I knew, the toilets downstairs were flooded again. My husband – who was getting abnormally agitated by this – felt that our septic tank must be full. He called the plumber back, who agreed…and though they had a booked schedule… their emptying crew was actually just up the road from our house, so they fit us in, and they were at my house within 15 minutes (so I knew I was ALMOST THERE, if the “remedy” in the 3D was that available). At the same time, a friend of mine with whom I’m very paralleled energetically texted me to tell me that SHE was having some sort of crisis. I was at my wit’s end; I was tired and EXTREMELY frustrated at one thing after another coming up to “hold me back”… physically and/or financially!!! This was SO unusual for me… and it was such an anomaly, all throughout the season, that I was REALLY getting angry about the whole thing! I would ask if it were me, and would get NO… I would ask if it were my kids or pets, and I would get NO… I would ask if it were my husband, and I would get a undefined sort of thing… which caused my ego to want to project it on to him! My husband – an adept practitioner himself – was in the same place of frustration, of clearing, clearing, clearing… and didn’t feel like he’d missed anything.

So, my friend and I decided to do an impromptu share together (a share is when we get together to do energy work with each other), on Skype. I’d started crying; and yet, the tears felt MUCH BIGGER than just me. As is usual with the two of us, we always set the intention to do the healing at the highest related oversoul level… releasing the lesson, and whatever the cause of the individual manifestation was.

It’s funny to note that JUST when we started, the septic people had just gotten to my house, and I could hear the hum of what I called the “septic sucker” outside of my home office window… how the physical completely manifests from the non-physical…

When we started, I immediately saw my husband and I, with our arms around each other, standing at and looking over the edge of this huge pool – let’s call it an ocean – of s**t. Yes, there was some of ours… but I understood it was actually representative of ALL of us (of course… right to the collective/oversoul). A huge, huge, overwhelming , core sadness came over me, and the tears just started flowing. I was sobbing… and all I heard, at the higher level, was, “We define ourselves by this.” So much sadness to let it go… so much fear of losing our identity, of what we felt we’d accomplished. The light just turned up and up… and the thought at the higher consciousness was, “But it’s time to LET IT GO.” The remembrance was that we HAD to let go of it ALL – all of the muck (a somewhat nicer word for it LOL) – to move into the “next phase,” into the ascended world, “Earth 2.0,” and “Universe 2.0.” We wouldn’t move forward, individually or collectively, until we did.

Lots and lots and LOTS of tears, SUCH a huge, overwhelming feeling of loss!

And yet… I could see the even higher perspective. The “muck”…the “s***t”…the darkness, or whatever you want to call it – is everything separation. OF COURSE it defines us… because definition comes from experience of duality/separation itself! So, we added in there whatever was needed for us to remember that… and to release it. I saw threads of light break through the ocean, which turned out to be more like rock-solid ickiness; as we continued releasing, the light broke through more and more, the “pieces” broke up…or rather, simply became “reincorporated” into the light, since they were all a part of the illusion. Then, at some point, I saw a huge net of light encompass the entire hugeness of it… and understand it was all being processed, all being incorporated into our “Akashic Records” for complete resolution… and then it began to disappear.

By the end of our two sessions (we call them “Part 1” and “Part 2”), there had been a HUGE shift; a HUGE heaviness had left me, with only remnants to resolve and release. What a GREAT way to end one phase and start another (whether you want to call it a “new year” – connected to the illusion of our 3D – or simply a “new phase”)!

Even funnier… that the “septic sucker” finished almost immediately after we did! I found out later that, because it had been so long since the septic had been emptied (let’s just say it was WAYYY past overdue), they’d showed my husband that there had been a layer of hardened matter on the top that was about two feet thick – ewww, and how completely related to what I’d seen “out there” – and they had to do some work to break it up to get it to go.

Click on the picture above to watch the full recording!

Click on the picture above to watch the full recording!

Both of us felt a huge relief (though I will note that it was VERY FUNNY that my friend had to have a plumber go out to HER house on New Year’s Day – covered under a warranty – to snake HER plumbing… so obviously, residual clearing). After that… there were clearings for both of us to release that which causes us to take on the responsibility to do releasing work for the collective/oversouls, and to have to manifest that into our own realities as reflection so we’d see it (no more of THAT)! And there was actually a bunch of other cleanup work for us to do with ourselves… but WOW… what an AMAZING start to the next phase! This was completely reinforced by the AMAZING 5-hour online marathon we did on New Year’s Day on “The Ascended World: 2015 Spiritual/Metaphysical Kickoff”… so much flow, so much shining of the light gathered for that 5 hours! (If you missed it live, you can watch the recording, with speakers, topics, and time stamps posted, here.) 

There have been a standing toilet jokes with the Trinity instructors who took class in Mt. Shasta with me in 2014; it started when we ran out of toilet paper at the place where all the students stayed… and it’s held on through the rest of the year, because it seemed that during several classes I taught – all in different locations – we would run out of toilet paper in the middle of class! Letting go… letting go… and we’ve been getting the message for at least six months!

Day 3 into this “freedom from the ocean of muck,” wow… what a difference! The past few days have begun to feel lighter and lighter, and MUCH different than the typical 3D “new year”! In letting all of that muck go… it’s a whole new world, a whole new Universe, without all of that holding us down… or holding us back.

So… SOAR forward, clean and free! NOW, the fun and the magic REALLY begin!

Much, much love, LIGHT, and FUN,








Angela Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression